With Love to Isaac and Ishmael

Beloved Israel.

Time is breathing out
as you lie at the moment
between the last inspiration
and the next taste of sweet Jerusalem air.

Centuries of abuse and victimization
by a world of double standards
has left you stiff-necked and confused.

Brothers separated by the foggy veil of suspicion.
Partners at odds being swallowed by the same whale.

Oh, Isaac,
reach across the unknown, and take the hand of Ishmael.

Not like an innocent child
nor like Nations short on perspective and narrowed in vision,
but as a family with choice between extinction and light.

Turn aside the next page of history
and re-write the scenario.

Imagine the Middle East as the center among civilized nations.
A path for the prophets of the future.

Take this opportunity
to exist alongside each other in collective pride.
In time there will be trust, and one day love will follow . . .
as an artifact cleared and awakened by desert winds.

Gary F. Gordon

From "WOMEN OF STRENGTH... MEN OF HEART: Poems by Gary F. Gordon"
(C) Copyright 1994, Priory Books, Duluth, Minnesota ISBN 0-936773-09X

Gary Gordon is a founding member of Building Bridges, Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Duluth, Minnesota, who learn together and hold workshops on their belief in the inevitability of peace in the Middle East. Gary can be reached by e-mail at ggordon@css.edu.

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