Dear colleagues in Palestinian-Jewish dialogue,

    While there is cruel violence against people in the Middle East, and governments have yet to understand one another, growing numbers in the citizen peace process persist.  Their action: building relationships -- the foundation for a sustainable, shared future.
    With this understanding, we forward to you a New Year affirmation from Seeds of Peace.  This summer camp in Maine annually brings Palestinian and Jewish youth together to expand their views and experience each other's humanity.  They learn tools for listening, expressing themselves, and collaborating for the good of both of their peoples.  Seeds of Peace continues to learn and evolve.
     Today's message from them is a demonstration of the contemporary creativity of these young "seeds."  You may click here to view it:

Also . . .

     PEACE OF MIND: COEXISTENCE THROUGH THE EYES OF PALESTINIAN AND ISRAELI TEENS is another example of the helpful creativity that is coming from Seeds of Peace.  This 57-minute videofilm had its West Coast Premiere at the 2000 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, with standing ovations.  It moved us as no other film of this kind ever had.
     Seven Palestinian and Israeli youth who met at the Seeds of Peace summer camp joined forces to produce PEACE OF MIND -- an unprecedented film that marks the first time that youth from both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict have come together to create a documentary.
     Using cameras as video diaries, the youth turned the lens on themselves, their families and communities, revealing aspects of the conflict rarely seen in the media.
     The resulting film journeys into the inner worlds of these youth, capturing their varied life experiences, diverse perspectives on the
bitter conflict that divides them, and courageous efforts to cross personal and political boundaries -- including the green line -- to seek peaceful coexistence.

1.  Urge your local film festival to host the film.
2.  Purchase the 57-minute video for your school, dialogue group, or family:
         To order at extremely modest costs, call 800-343-5540
         or go to