For a long time, we have received requests for a "How-To" page on beginning a Jewish-Palestinian dialogue group. 
     Below are 16 of the most frequently asked questions.  Answers can be as varied as the participants themselves. 
     Drawing from our limited, personal, hopefully-useful experiences, we have begun composing answers and ideas on a Web page-in-process.  We hope this helps:


What is dialogue?
Why did you get involved?
How did you start?
What about those who are neither Palestinians nor Jews?
What did you do when you first met?
Did you have a facilitator?
What was the tone of the first meetings?
What kind of commitment is needed?
Why do people leave a dialogue group?
How does dialogue change people and affect political outcomes?
How do you think dialogue in North America makes a difference?
In dialogue, what is the "action"?
What about those who prefer more political activism?
Can a dialogue participant represent a group or institution?
When did you do your first public outreach activity?
How do you respond in times of crisis?