We have been told of the need for "unprecedented compassion and creativity."  Here are a few living examples.
     In January, 2001, four university students met in a living room to explore new kinds of Jewish-Palestinian dialogue on college campuses.  They were: 

          Shana Kirsch, New York University    (slk228@is9.nyu.edu)
          Sarah Davidson,  University of California, Santa Cruz    (UrbanMermaid@hotmail.com)
          Sarah Maia Pooner, University of the Pacific     (Sarah_Maia_Pooner@hotmail.com)
          Gabriel Mass, Georgetown University    (GMass@slip.net OR MassG@georgetown.edu)

     You can see their PHOTO at http://www.shutterfly.com/my/os.jsp?i=67b0de21b311eaeb0534

     Sarah Davidson returned to the University of California, Santa Cruz and, within three weeks, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Hillel, with Jewish Students for Social Justice and the Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee, cosponsored their first evening of dialogue and viewing of the documentary film, "Peace of Mind." 
     Sarah Maia Pooner has already found partners on her U.O.P. campus and created an April Palestinian Israeli Awareness Week.  It will include film, lecture, and introduction to dialogue.  It will conclude with a day of assimilation and planning for sustained activity.
     Shana Kirsch, at New York University, and Sara Davidson, at U.C. Santa Cruz, in coast-to-coast teamwork, have created a new student communication system as "a way for leaders on campuses involved in the Jewish/Israeli/Palestinian coexistence/dialogue issue to keep in touch and exchange ideas." 

          Jewish/Palestinian Dialogue Groups on Campus (Campus Dialogue)

     These students, with all the pressures of their studies and lives, are not too busy, discouraged, angry, tired, or fearful to start building a new future for us all.  Perhaps others will consider following their lead.