In yesterday morning's e-mail was this heartfelt message from overseas from Sa'ida Nusseibeh appealing to remove walls between our peoples. 
     It touched us and reminded us of our work to build a new future, person by person, "brick by brick."  And, as Sa'ida wrote to us later, to "take away from both our children the fear of the 'other.'"
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 06:23:04 -0000

I am a Palestinian, and I do not want the destruction of Israel/neither do I
want to see Palestinians suffering through closures. I don't believe that
these statement [of violence] is the majority voice of Palestinians- But when people are
cornered, as it seems to be the case right now, no wonder they are reacting
in a very harsh way- and that is what the Palestinians are doing-and when
reading in a [Internet] dialogue group questions that are repeatedly asked, so the
'other' can be re-assured, I find it rather sad, that little trust is there.

It is very scary what is going on- Palestinian calling for the destruction
of Israel/ Israelis calling for the destruction of Palestinians-

Both sides are afraid that this is the Truth-
for they both come out with precise account from
what the 'other' has said and done to prove that what they are
claiming is the truth.

The argument/proof is from both sides, the proof is
given to you from both sides, if the Palestinians stop the violence then we
will have peace/if the Israelis stop the killing/siege/ go back to the 67
borders then we will have peace. What price is peace? How many more must be
killed, before the two nations wake up to look at their blood-soaked hands?

There is so much anger, hatred and fear, and the wall between the two
nations is getting higher- Both sides are getting away from reality, and
closing their ears/eyes and heart for the suffering of the 'other. Since it
is not ALL from the 'other' are building the wall- Can we look into ways to
bring down the wall, brick by brick? instead of always asking to be