At the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, about 150 Jews and Palestinians -- equally represented -- with some supportive others, gathered last Saturday, April 21, 2001.  The evening -- Is Peace Possible? -- was sponsored by the UCSF-based, 3-year-old Alliance of Middle Eastern Scientists and Physicians.
     Jews and Arabs, sitting side-by-side, watched in-depth interviews of Palestinians and of Israelis, including settlers and a military officer, presented in a film-in-process  --  "Destination Homeland."  There were questions of the filmmaker, Anne Flatte, and Nahida Salem, travel companions on a recent Compassionate Listening trip to Israel/Palestine. 
     There were emotional but respectful statements.  Organizer Dr. Yehuda Tzfati, an Israeli medical researcher, acknowledged this new moment in time.  He later heard from Palestinians and Jews that the meeting was "a very special and positive experience."
     With the collapse of the Oslo process has arrived the understanding that there was never adequate listening  between peoples.  This was another landmark event where people discovered a new interest in one another. 
     The night concluded with an invitation to the women and men for sustained participation in the ongoing work the UCSF Alliance, A Jewish Voice for Peace, or the Palestinian-Jewish dialogue groups.  The evening and fine Middle Eastern food -- a signature of successful gatherings like this -- was helped by funding from the generous Firedoll Foundation.

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Sami Kitmitto - - (510) 595-7776
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