Unusual Israelis -- Yitzhak Frankenthal, Roni Hirshenson, Rami Elchanani -- are among a new breed of Palestinian and Jewish parents whose children have been killed in ongoing violence.  Yet they choose not vengeance, but rather to end the cycle of violent acts.     
     Last week, the Arpil 17, 2001 Los Angeles Times headline said: "Terrorists killed his child, yet Yitzhak Frankenthal has sought out bereft Palestinian parents to engage in dialogue."  Together, through shared grief, they discover their shared, equal humanity.  And they build new, sustained relationships.
     Thanks to Yitzhak Santis of our local Jewish Community Relations Council, we direct you to the recent audio interview about their "Parents Circle" by Jerusalem Post Radio. 
     Let us all build new relationships where we live, beginning with compassionate listening.


THE JERUSALEM POST  The Family Forum brings together the Palestinian parents of victims of violence, including combatants and suicide bombers, and the Israeli parents of victims, including IDF soldiers, to talk peace. Forum chairman Yitzhak Frankenthal's organization, which represents 160 bereaved Israeli families, works in tandem with a Palestinian organization of 120 families. Frankenthal, whose son Arik was killed by terrorists in 1994 spoke with JPost Radio's Sarah Zebaida about the programs' aims. To hear the interview, click here (http://www.jpradio.com/ram/010425zic.ram) for Real Player format. Click here  (http://www.jpradio.com/asx/010425zic.asx) for Media Player format.

Yitzhak Frankenthal can be reached by e-mail at Frankent@netvision.net.il.