Crossing Borders, a courageous, cooperative youth publication from the Middle East, has sustained its publication against odds even in these difficult past months.  It is now being made available to more of you who are interested.

     Crossing Borders is a bimonthly regional youth newspaper published in 25,000 copies whose readers are Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian young people.  It is also made available to educational institutions and youth organizations in the region.  Crossing Borders targets, in addition to the youth, parents, teachers, individuals and groups interested in the Middle East.  It is part of a regional project called:  "Learning to live together in the Middle East", initiated by the International People's College (IPC) in Elsinore - Denmark in 1994, and is sponsored by DANIDA.
    Volume 2 Number 8 issue of Crossing Borders Bi-Monthly Regional Youth Magazine is now out.  It includes articles and opinion pieces of Israeli (Jewish and Palestinian), Jordanian, and Palestinian youth.  They write about political, cultural, social, and youth related subjects.  It is a vehicle of communication between the youth of the region in English, and serves as a platform to exchange ideas to promote just and lasting peace.

     For more information, and to get a copy of the last issue contact Givat Haviva's staff person in charge of this project:

     Shimon Malka --