What is occurring in Israel/Palestine is no circus.  We are seeing the low sides of ourselves.  Our shameful, old modes of thinking and violence need to be surrendered, unlearned, in exchange for acts of listening and kindness, models of respect and cooperation.  We need to become new kinds of people.  We can.  There are examples that people can do magic.
     Nathan Livni (NLivni@yahoo.com), in the midst of the violence, decided to go from U.C. Santa Cruz for a year in Jerusalem at Hebrew University.  There, he sought out the Jerusalem Circus and began teaching his skills in magic to young Palestinians and Jews.  This year, Nathan has helped bring people together and change lives.
     Nathan's activity attracted gifted writer Lauren Gelfond, resulting in an article in the current issue of The Jerusalem Report.  And now NBC just might broadcast the story. 
     Yet, this morning's e-mail from Nathan said: "I often feel like I am taking in so much negativity and I am giving back nothing positive."  Not so, Nathan.  You have made a great difference.  Everyone can.   


WHAT:  The Annual Big Show of the Jerusalem Circus Association  (JCA)
WHEN:  Wednesday, June 13, 2001 -- 6:00 p.m. (18:00)
WHERE:  Efrata Primary School (in the German Colony, on Yehuda Street at the intersection with Gad Street)

This circus event is presented by Jewish and Arab youth, in Arabic and Hebrew.
Admission is free.  Everyone is welcome to an evening of fun and amazement!

The Jerusalem Circus Association is a unique project dedicated to Arab/Jewish coexistence through the arts. Kids from all backgrounds learn circus skills together in a totally integrated environment. JCA has been featured on Channel 1 and Channel 2 in Israel, as well as by Reuters and the Jerusalem Report.

Go, see the circus and the youth do their magic.  And find Nathan and shake his hand.