As this Season of Light ends
To our dear companions:
Palestinians, Jews, and
Others who help keep us
     on the Path of Light.

In the coming New Year, 2002, wanting something truly NEW,
Let us listen to wisdom from Albert Einstein:
     "We cannot solve today's problems with the same kind of thinking that produced them."

So . . .

Why do we continue to
Waste our creativity and energy
Preoccupying ourselves only with symptoms of a disease --
Soldiers and bombers, and
Arafat and Sharon,
And treaties -- cold pieces of paper --
Depending on the totally undependable
Time proven failures of old ways, old thinking
That, alone, always lead to hopelessness,
Wondering why we feel powerless, paralyzed?

OUR FUTURE TOGETHER is about People, and
Below the surface and
Behind the headlines
Women and men are beginning where we must always begin --
Listening with unprecedented compassion to each other, face-to-face
Discovering we are human and equal and
One, and
Deciding to live that way.

Discovering that compassionate listening is
The great act of love and healing, and
Always the place to begin.
And it is always the right time, even
When the wind is blowing a hundred kilometers an hour.

Listening can change lives and do small miracles.
Sometimes big ones.

So . . .

Let us live our lives that way
With imagination, courage, love
Dedicated to listening and to each other
More every day
Growing closer, together.

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Libby and Len