Jews, Arabs, and supportive "others" have had life-changing experiences from these journeys. 
     Women and men have returned home to make real contributions in their communities for the public peace process.
     Consider it for yourself and tell others who might wish to travel to meet people in the Middle East.  -- L&L


MidEast Citizen Diplomacy

The Compassionate Listening Project welcomes your participation in our upcoming delegations and workshops:
Israel, West Bank, Gaza
June 26 - July 10, 2002  &  March, 2003

Syria & Lebanon 
October, 2002

New: Jewish - German Compassionate Listening Project
Germany, September 27 - October 6, 2002
(see website for more information)

An invitation to be of service...
The Compassionate Listening project provides an opportunity to advance reconciliation, help build the international constituency for Mid-East peace, and learn a powerful conflict resolution technique that will serve you in all aspects of your life. We welcome and honor participation of people from all nationalities.

Mid-East Citizen Diplomacy has led 17 citizen delegations to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza since 1990. Our vast network of trusted friends in the region has made it possible for us to continue our delegations throughout the past year and a half of spiraling violence. This is an especially critical time to support individuals and organizations in the Middle East working for nonviolent conflict resolution.

This year, we expanded the Compassionate Listening Project to include Syria and Lebanon. Our first delegation is heading out March 8th - 23rd to open doors, listen, foster dialogue, and help heal the global climate. Our second delegation to Syria and Lebanon will take place in October, 2002.

Our two-week journeys begin with a training in Compassionate Listening. Participants then listen to and dialogue with people across the political, social and religious spectrum. We believe that peace comes through the hard work of meeting one's enemy - the human being behind the stereotype, and acknowledging one another's suffering. To help reconcile conflicting parties, we must have the ability to understand the suffering of all sides. Through our daily practice in the field and group sessions with our skilled trainers, participants come away with a deepened understanding of Compassionate Listening, which is applicable to all conflict situations from personal to international.

Delegations to Israel/West Bank/Gaza and Syria/Lebanon cost $2,100 for 14 days on the ground. Whenever possible, our delegations are led by Arab-Jewish teams. To reserve your seat, please send us your registration and $300 deposit. For more information and registration, please see our website: 

From the participants:

"The access to key leaders, key activists and informational interviews provided a singular exposure to the nature and depth of the conflict that I believe is unparalleled for a citizen diplomat and frankly exceeds that available to many political leaders. Accordingly, we MECD alumni have much to share with politicians and the public alike."   participant, March 2001 delegation

"The trip exceeded my expectations. It provided a very solid intellectual and emotional understanding of the peace and justice issues operating in this area of the world. For me, the trip revealed the true power of narrative as a vehicle for inter-personal and international understanding. You really have offered me and the other participants a gift of incalculable value."
- Professor Dave Andrus, Department of Political Science, UCLA

"This program was truly remarkable. I was awed every single day."
- Cantor Robert Scherr, Temple Israel of Natick


We offer Compassionate Listening workshops and trainings, including a certification track for individuals who would like to teach, start projects, and/or train others in Compassionate Listening.
We are scheduling workshops this year in Seattle, San Francisco, Mendocino, Boulder, and Israel.  Our skilled trainers are also available to come to you - in your community, campus, organization or congregation. Training for Trainers is available for those who have taken an introductory workshop or participated in a delegation. You'll find registration information on our website, along with how to order "Listening with the Heart", our guidebook for Compassionate Listening.

Compassionate Listening Photographic Exhibition
We are working to complete a traveling photographic exhibition on Compassionate Listening. Please see our preview of the exhibition on our website at: <>

"To develop the drop of compassion in our own heart
is the only effective spiritual response to hatred and violence."
Thich Nhat Hanh

MidEast Citizen Diplomacy
The Compassionate Listening Project
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