Thanks to Peter Maiden ( of the Arab-Jewish Dialogue of the South Bay for this encouraging news of counter-demonstrations at Stanford finding common ground. 
     Given the time and space, there are women and men wanting and ready to transcend that which divides our two fine peoples!

Crossing the Barrier at Stanford   

     For some, the oval at the end of Palm Drive at Stanford University was the location for a demonstration at noon on Friday, April 19, 2002 in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.  About one hundred fifty demonstrators attended
     So did over two hundred counter-demonstrators in solidarity with Israel. 
     Stanford officials insisted the two demonstrations take place on opposite sides of a path. 
     Towards the end of the event, Rabbi Michael Lerner spoke criticizing the Israeli regime.  He also criticized the Palestinian Authority for the use of violence without negotiation. 
     Many counter-demonstrators booed Lerner before he spoke. 
     But after a while, some participants in the counter-demonstration began to applaud the rabbi. 
     A short while later, as the event came to a close, someone spoke on the microphone asking the demonstrators on both sides not to replicate the conflict, but to join and sing together for peace. 
     The two demonstrations then merged.  And Israeli and Palestinian flags flew side by side. 
     Peter Maiden's photo captured two Stanford dorm mates (l. to r.) Jared Cohen and Tarek Hammam.  See it by clicking on:

     Jared and Tarek were on opposite sides of the demonstrations, until they found each other afterwards and waved their flags. Together.