"There are some things only governments can do, such as negotiating binding agreements.  But there are some things that only citizens outside government can do, such as  changing human relationships."

-- Dr. Harold Saunders, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, and

   Negotiator of the Camp David Accords

     In Washington, DC, in the shadow of government institutions which seem to choose confrontation over cooperation, the "public peace process" is taking a different, more hopeful form.
     Arab-American Andy Shallal (ashallal@cox.rr.com) has created a PEACE CAFE, right in his "Mimi's American Bistro" at 2120 P Street NW.  The phone number is (202) 464-6464.  It's at http://www.mimisdc.com/
     Andy began two years ago creating an atmosphere of breaking bread together in a safe place for learning and Dialogue among Arabs, Jews, and supportive others. 
     The June, 2002 WAMU-Radio story about the PEACE CAFE can be heard on the Web at:


     In the Fall, Andy would like to help create a PEACE CAFE in Jerusalem.
     Is the PEACE CAFE trademarked?  "No," Andy says.
     "Take it and run with it!"