Announcing a special weekend together:

     WINDOWS' Palestinian and Jewish young Journalists
calling together to end the violence and give them a chance
                to grow up in peace and safety


**  Children ages 8-14 are invited to join Windows' young journalists in a special joint meeting that will give children from both sides of the conflict, a unique opportunity to learn about each other's reality and look together for ways to promote just peace.
**  Teenagers and adults are invited to help
**  Anyone who can is invited to contribute money to help us cover the costs of the very modest event (details at the end of this message). 


1.  Tul Karem -- July 27-August 7, 2002 -- 09:00-13:00
    Summer Camp --  Communication, human rights, and art programs for the children of the refugee camps: Tul Karem and Nur A-Shams

2.  Tel Aviv-Jaffa -- August 5-8, 2002 --  09:00-17:00
    Communication  and human rights program for Jews and Palestinians from Israel

then . . .

3.   ALL these youth together and MORE children -- August 8-10, 2002
     Communication, human rights, art, and more

A program for children ages 11-14 who will continue working together during the next year. The children will study communication and journalism, and will focus on preparing the next edition of  "WINDOWS: Arabic-Hebrew Magazine."  They will the values of human rights, equality  and democracy while writing about the daily life.
A program for children ages 8-14 who will learn human rights through art activities, while making together games and  presents for children under curfew.

Junior Editorial Board program (6 days, NIS 300)   
Weekend meeting (3 days, NIS 220)

The prices include outdoors accommodation, food, transportation, materials, and  activities. Reductions upon request.
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WINDOWS - CHANNELS FOR COMMUNICATION is a non-profit Jewish-Palestinian organization located in Tel Aviv, on the Web at:

          E-mail communication can be sent to .
It was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting acquaintance, understanding, and reconciliation between the peoples of Israel and Palestine through the use of media, cultural, and educational programs and art. We believe that one of the most important ways to achieve a fair and lasting peace is by acquiring deep knowledge and understanding of each other, and of the history and reality we share. Our main projects are Windows Hebrew-Arabic Magazine for Children, written by and for children of both nations; Windows Palestinian-Israeli Friendship Center, in which cultural and educational activities take place; and Windows Art Gallery in central Tel Aviv, featuring art exhibitions relevant to the conflict and the peoples involved.

SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE SECOND INTIFADE, we have put special emphasis on the following activities:

** Giving expression to Palestinian voices that are rarely heard by Israeli Jews. The Jewish public was shocked by the outbreak of this Intifada, partially due to lack of information. We see to provide a better understanding of recent events.
** Where possible, bringing Israeli voices to the Palestinian community. Currently, the Palestinian community is more familiar with Israeli language, society and culture, through working in Israel and confronting its forces. Therefore, these activities are slightly lower priority at this moment - they are also far more difficult logistically than in the past. 
**In response to the increasingly severe situation in the occupied territories, we have initiated a series of humanitarian aid activities. We periodically deliver food, clothes, toys, household items, etc., to Palestinians who have lost their sources of income and often their homes due to the recent events.

The Windows Board of Directors is comprised of Palestinians and Jews who together look for the best ways to represent both nations. Dozens of volunteers make it possible to implement our activities with relatively low budgets.

The contribution Windows has made to coexistence has been acknowledged with several awards, including the New Israel Fund's Award for Promoting Democracy, Tolerance and Dialogue in Israel in 1995, and the Rotary-Israel Prize in the year 2000.

WINDOWS - CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION is a registered non-profit organization in Israel.


It takes a great deal of human commitment, time, energy, and well as materials, to organize and promote these projects that bring diverse people together face-to-face.
**  Volunteers are welcome.
**  Donations would be very much appreciated and can be sent to.

Box 56096
Tel Aviv, 61560, Israel

Direct deposits can be made to our bank account:
Bank Leumi, Branch #806
Account #: 290070-73

Tax-deductible donations can also be sent to:
New Israel Fund (for WINDOWS)
1625 K St. NW, Suite 500
Washington, D.C., 20060
To join WINDOWS for:
NIS100 per year (includes a subscription to WINDOWS: Arabic-Hebrew Magazine for Children)
NIS 50 per year (without the subscription)
NIS 20 per year (students)

Questions can be sent to:

WINDOWS -- Palestinian-Israeli Friendship Center
35 Trumpeldor Street, Tel Aviv
P.O. Box 56096, Tel Aviv 61560
Tel: (972) 3-620-8324   Fax: (972) 3-629-2570