Thanks to Israeli Ami Isseroff (, we learn about the first time Arab Israeli youth have attended a U.S. Zionist summer camp.  The story is below.
     Also during a July, 2002 weekend, participants in Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue were well-received by staff, including Israelis, and campers at California Jewish summer Camp Tawonga during their introductory presentations about Dialogue and new ways of listening to each another.
     You can see photos on the Web at:

     There is growing hope, as young Jews and Palestinians reach out to one another with interest, and open their doors and hearts to hear each other's narratives for the first time.
     People and relationships are changing.  We thought you'd want to know.           -- L&L

Press Release
New York, August 5, 2002

     For the first time a Jewish Arab group from Israel has joined a Hashomer
Hatzair summer camp in the USA to promote dialogue and co-existence.
     Since the last Intifada erupted, most dialogue groups and projects are
battling for their existence. Both Arab and Jewish societies have lost trust
and faith in each other.
     In these difficult times this unique project is trying to combat ignorance
and prejudice by giving young people the crucial opportunity to personally
meet and learn from each other, to break down stereotypes, language and
cultural barriers outside of the confines in which they live.
     The youngsters came from two dialogue projects at the Givat Haviva Institute
Israels oldest and largest organization working for peace, pluralism,
democracy and justice.
     Camp Shomria Hashomer Hatzair invited the group to take part in the second
half of a six-week camp. Camp Shomria is unique in providing a kibbutz-type
experience camp, focusing on educational activities that stress Jewish
identity, social justice and Israel. For the group, participating in the
camp allows them to continue their dialogue in a space outside their usual
boundaries, while also meeting Jewish-American youth.
     After their first night at camp one of the Arab-Israeli girls commented on
how great she felt there because no one was differentiating or
discriminating between the Arab and Jewish participants, something she had
never felt before.
     The group will be in Manhattan between the 12th and the 15th of August.

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