New resources for Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue

     Streaming audio and streaming video on the Internet will allow you to watch and listen to Palestinian and Jewish women and men in Dialouge.
     You will experience, in sound and image, what Dialogue is and what it is not.  And how it has changed people's lives.  And how it can help invent a new, better future for all.
     Below are three sources we hope will be helpful to you, your circle of acquaintances, and your students. 
             - L&L

====== 1 ====== AUDIO ======

The Dialogue Project

     Listen to New York Dialogue particpants being interviewed on several WNYC-Radio programs -- "Talking About it: Jews and Palestinians Learn to Listen."

     Included is WNYC-Radio's "Middle East History Series."

====== 2 ====== AUDIO ======

San Diego Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue

     Listen to Jewish and Palestinians from San Diego's seven different Dialogue Groups.

     Personal narratives are on pages:  (1) Introduction to Dialogue, (2) Personal Stories, (3)Listening to Each Other, (4) Jerusalem, and (5) Recent Events.

====== 2 ====== VIDEO ======

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group (San Mateo, CA) (for dial-up/slow speed connection) (for high-speed/DSL connection)

View a 10-minute video from recent nationwide news coverage of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo, California.