Palestinian and Jewish college and high school students are returning to their campuses.  This is for them, about:

     1. THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA students -- "Salaam-Shalom"
     2..HELPING STUDENTS NETWORK for Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue

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     THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley, is not unlike other campuses. 
     Some of its Jewish and Palestinian students cling to old ways that do not and cannot work -- sign wars, flag-waving, fist-shaking, finger-pointing.  Taking sides.  Being more "right."  Staying apart.
     Like war itself, people trying to tell each other something -- an abject failure of communication.
     But at Cal, like other universities last semester, some courageous students created something new.  At Berkeley these Jews and Arabs call themselves "Salaam-Shalom."  They have e-mail at
     They sit down together.  Listen.  Discover equal humanity, common ground, authentic hope.
     Last Thursday evening, August 29, 2002, with the new school year reconvened "Salaam-Shalom." Jewish participant Jackie Bliss ( could not have felt more hopeful.
     "Salaam Shalom had its first official meeting of the year yesterday and it seemed like everyone was up to really amazing things this past summer." 
     Jackie, majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies, recalled: "I remember how hearing everyone else's stories, especially from Palestinians Nora Khouri and Sawson Zarour, really made an impact on our relationships."
     She continued:  "Well, you should hear some of the stories from the people in this group.  It put tears in my eyes, hearing about all of the amazing things that they accomplished this summer towards peace."
     "We all came in with so much enthusiasm and excitement for the year to come." 
     The students intend to bring the Award-winning film PROMISES to the campus community.  More about PROMISES is at:

     On their agenda are ideas about University funding, and creating a rural "family camp" setting for in-depth relationship-building in a safe place away from everyday life and pressures.
     They also want to sit down with other Palestinian and Jewish Dialogue participants, to grasp skills and not waste precious time strengthening their relationships and helping more and more students to include themselves in a good campus peace process.

     HELPING UNIVERSITY & HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS NETWORK is a project of Sarah Davidson -- U.C. Santa Cruz -- working across-country with Shana Kirsch -- New York University.
     These two visionary students were recently awarded one of 15 small grants worldwide for "Connecting youth to create change" -- a global initiative of the International Youth Foundation and Nokia.  You can read more about Shana and Sarah's ideas at:

===>  Please WRITE TO SARAH AND SHANA about your college or high school Dialogue plans:

Sarah Davidson --
University of California, Santa Cruz

Shana Kirsch --
New York University