People have always said: "There are so many Palestinians and Jews in Detroit, Michigan.  Has Dialogue begun there yet?" 
     Yes, it has!  We learned this by e-mail from a participant there, Brenda Rosenberg ( 

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     Brenda is part of the newborn Arab-Jewish "MIDDLE EAST PEACE CIRCLE" that meets every Tuesday, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, facilitated by Arab businesswoman Georgia Nadhir (
     Jewish and Arab participants are gaining a deep understanding of each other's issues, emotions, fears, hopes and visions of the future.
     Speaking to her Beth El congregants, Brenda called her community to "a powerful partnership for peace."
     "You were chosen to be part of this time and place."
     "We are the ones with the power, the answers, the ability to change the world," she added. "We do not have to wait for our leaders. We are the miracle the world needs." 
     So read the Editor's Notebook in the Detroit Jewish News, 19 July 2002.

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     "INTERFAITH PARTNERS" is another group of Muslim, Jewish and Christian clerics and lay leaders that came together after 9/11 to "create a new calendar."
     The mission of the group is to unify congregants from all the faith based groups  by creating compassionate listening focus groups, spiritual dialogue, and social action.
     Tonight, September 10, 2002, they are hosting a Candlelight Remembrance Service and Supper called "Creating Partnerships to Serve Humanity." 
     At a Habitat for Humanity construction site over 50 diverse religious, ethnic and cultural groups will be gathering at the end of the work day, to remember 9/11 by praying together and sharing food from our diverse cultural backgrounds. They will be coming together to support more than the construction of a house -- to build new relationships in their community.
For more information please contact :
Victor Begg: 248-334-9225 --
Brenda Rosenberg: 248-594-1545 --