Adrienne Dessel ( describes how two women -- a Palestinian and a Jew -- make a difference in Knoxville, Tennessee.
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Dear friends and family,

     I just want to let you know about something wonderful in the midst of all the pain.  Last Sunday I organized with my friend Ghada, a Palestinain woman who teaches at Talia's school, a local children's peace picnic. 
     We had 28 children who were Jewish and Christian Palestinian come together at a local park with their families. 
     It was an effort to get this to happen, as tensions are high in our community, even here in Knoxville. 
     The parents brought food and the children brought open minds. 
     Our goal is to have the children get to know each other over time, and to establish some community building relationships that challenge stereotypes and move us forward. 
     We played get to know each other name games with the kids, and then brought out a large fabric circle with brocade borders that I had sewn together on which we asked them to draw pictures of their families with permanent fabric markers.
     The result is a beautiful piece of artwork which I am going to take around to the synagogue, temple, Greek Orthodox church and Catholic church. 
     We hope to enlarge this circle to include more families next time, especially the local Muslim community. 
     Peace is possible in our local community, and we are working towards it. 

Adrienne Dessel