PLEASE FORWARD to Israelis and Palestinians

A New Story -- A New Time -- New Relationships
  The Citizens' Century with Citizens' Solutions

TO:  Israeli and Palestinian citizens
ABOUT:  Hello, Peace!   --
ACTION:  Phone one another to begin Listening and building lasting relationships.

     Hello, Peace! is a free phone service that lets you Israelis and Palestinians start talking again.
     It is a project of The Parents Circle of bereaved Palestinian and Israeli families who have lost relatives from violence.
     Over 40,000 telephone calls between Israelis and Palestinians have happened in the first two months.
     You can help!  All the information is at .

1.  If you are not in the Middle East, e-mail Palestinians and Israelis about Hello, Peace!

2.  If you are in the Holy Land, make a phone call today.  And call tomorrow, too!

     Here is how:

What number do I dial?
     Dial *6364 from any Bezeq or mobile phone. It's a toll-free number, so there is no charge for the call.
What happens then?
     You'll hear a voice message: "Hello, you have reached Hello, Shalom, Hello Salaam. If you wish to talk to an Israeli about reconciliation, tolerance and peace, dial 1; if you wish to talk to a Palestinian about reconciliation, tolerance and peace, dial 2."
     If you want to talk now, you'll choose someone from a pool of names and phone numbers, and be connected to that person on the other side.
     If you want to talk later, you'll leave your name, phone number, and the hours when you're available to receive a call.
How long can I talk?
You can talk as long as you want, up to 30 minutes.
Can I talk to an operator if I want to?
     You can ask to speak to an operator at any time.
Can I call more than once?
     You can call as often as you want. And each call makes the conversation between Israelis and Palestinians grow that much larger. So more is better!
Why is it important to call?
     When people are stuck in despair and separation, someone needs to take a first step - someone has to be willing to reach out and begin talking again. More importantly -- Listening with compassion and without interruption.
     Maybe that someone is not our political leaders. Maybe that someone isyou.