Dear educators and supporters of Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue,

     Film can move people and relationships forward and upward.
     For education and inspiration, here are three video-films that we have seen help Palestinians and Jews in Dialogue.
     These videos encourage understanding of the Middle East conflict -- the people, their different narratives, their equal humanity, and the supreme importance of building human relationships beginning with listening to one another.
     The videos are excellent and affordable -- huge contributions to the public peace process that must succeed as soon as possible.

1.  Playing For Peace

2.  Peace Of Mind

3.  Crossing The Lines

     You will find these and others, with ordering information, on the Web at:

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Music by Arabs and Israelis as a metaphor for the public peace process

DESCRIPTION: VHS color videofilm; 1993 documentary; 58 mins; $20, including shipping
     This exquisite PBS video demonstrates music as a metaphor for the public peace process.
     A 1992 Middle East Peace Tour is embarked upon by six American musicians of the New Hampshire based Apple Hill Chamber Players. In Israel and its Arab neighbors, they give concerts, teach master classes, and audition young musicians of whom eleven are selected for full scholarships to study that August at the Apple Hill Center.
     Five Israelis and six Arabs find that music can bridge cultural gaps where politics and diplomacy fail.
     Inspiring, with glorious music! 
     The Playing for Peace Project of the Apple Hill Chamber Player's is described more at: .
PRODUCER and DIRECTOR: Emmy Award winner Peter Rosen
Order for $20 on the Web, at:
Mail check for $20 payable to:
Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music
Apple Hill Road, PO Box 217
East Sullivan, NH 03445-0217
   Tel:(603) 847-3371 -- Fax: (603) 847-9734

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Coexistence Through the Eyes of Palestinian and Israeli Teens

DESCRIPTION:  VHS color videofilm; 1999 documentary; 57 mins; Universities/$195, High Schools/$125, Individuals/$39.95, Non-profits/$95, Individuals/$29.99.  The film is accompanied by an educator's practical 40-page A GUIDE TO LEARNING booklet at no extra charge.
    Seven Palestinian and Israeli youth who met at the Seeds of Peace summer camp joined forces to produce PEACE OF MIND -- an unprecedented film that marked the first time that youth from both sides of the Arab- Israeli conflict have come together to create a documentary.
    Using cameras as video diaries, the youth turned the lens on themselves, their families and communities, revealing aspects of the conflict rarely seen in the media.
    The resulting film journeys into the inner worlds of these youth, capturing their varied life experiences, diverse perspectives on the bitter conflict that divides them, and courageous efforts to cross personal and political boundaries -- including the green line -- to seek peaceful coexistence.
    "An enlightening and moving experience . . . poses searching questions and undermines preconceptions." -- The Jerusalem Post
    "Peace of Mind broke through the curtain of fear and disinformation that has existed for so long . . . The innocence and honesty that is portrayed make this film very special." -- Daoud Kuttab, Director of the Institute of Modern Media
    An educator's practical 40-page A GUIDE TO LEARNING booklet accompanies the video. Shipping and handling is included in the price.
DIRECTOR: Mark Landsman (
YOUTH PRODUCERS: Yaron Avni, Reut Elkouby, Bushra Jawabri, Amer Kamal, Sivan Ranon, Hazem El Zanoun, Yossi Zilberman
    The producer, Global Action Project, Inc. (G.A.P.) is a youth media organization that develops youth leaders through media production and peer education, and promotes the inclusion of diverse youth voices on critical local and global issues. It is on the Web at .
ORDERING INFORMATION for video, including A GUIDE TO LEARNING educator's guide:
Order by telephone from Transit Media: 800-343-5540
All costs include shipping and handling.
    Universities and Institutions: $195
    High Schools: $125
    Libraries and Non-profits: $99
    Individuals: $29.99
To request the video for a festival or public screening, please:
Telephone 212-594-9577 or e-mail

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DESCRIPTION:  VHS and PAL videofilm; 2002; 1 hour 28 minutes; $35
** A new 90-minute, HiFi stereo, affordable video to bring you to a deeper, more compassionate level of understanding of the many sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
** Perfect for the classroom, religious congregations, and peace and dialogue groups.
** Interviews of 15 truly diverse Israelis and Palestinians filmed during Compassionate Listening delegations in 2001 and 2000.
** Brings you beyond the news media and into the hearts and minds of women and men:

Father Elias Chacour, Author, and Director, Mar Elias School

Judy Balint, Israeli Author

Zoughbi al-Zoughbi, Director, Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

Sara Kaminker, former Jerusalem City Planner

Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Director, Rabbis for Human Rights

Daniel Seaman, Director, Israeli Government Press Office

Salah Taamari, Palestinian Legislative Council

Rabbi David Zeller, Director, YAKAR; resident, Efrat

Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, P.L.O. Representative, Jerusalem

Rabbi Seth Mandell, Father of Kobi Mandell, Takoa

Hassan & Nardin Asleh, Family of Asel Asleh - Seeds of Peace activist

Captain Peter Lerner, Israel Defense Forces, West Bank

Devorah Brous, Israeli Peace Activist

Hisham Sharabati, Palestinian Journalist and human rights worker

US Residents: (* shipping included) $35.00*
    PAL Format: $45.00*
Non-US: $40.00*
Institutions: $60.00
Shipping: (for 2+ videos) $1.50 each
WA residents, add tax, 8.1%
Mid East Citizen Diplomacy
Box 17, Indianola, WA 98342 USA.
You may fax your order to: (360) 297-6563.
Credit card orders can be made by telephone. Please call (360) 297-2280.
Orders can also be made on the Web at
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