From California's "Silicon Valley" has spread worldwide a technology and communication revolution -- helping people to connect and cooperate.

     Another revolution of the spirit and Jewish-Arab relationships has been loosed around the world in the past few years, also expressed in the same Santa Clara Valley of California.
     Last night, Thursday, April 17, 2003 Jewish participants in the 2-year-old Arab-Jewish Dialogue of the South Bay invited everyone to a special, inclusive Jewish-Arab Dialogue Passover Seder
     And they wrote a special ceremony to make contemporary the traditional Haggadah (telling, story), with original language and borrowing text from similar Jewish-Muslim and Jewish-Palestinian Seders being increasingly created and celebrated in other cities.

     Passover remembers the Hebrew people's escape from persecution and slavery in ancient times.  It determines that freedom for Jews and all peoples be a principle upon which to live life today.
     These new ceremonies celebrate the coming of freedom for all the children of Abraham, Hagar, and Sarah -- all people, everywhere.
     "Why is this night different from all other nights?" reads one participant. 
     "On all other nights we do not dip bitter herbs to remind us of the the bitterness of slavery and alienation.
     "On this night we dip them twice to honor two peoples, the Palestinians and the Israelis, who must and will together find the path to mutual respect and coexistence."

     You can view photos of the evening on the Web at:

The evening was planned by:
     Jan Feldman --
     Rita Norton  --
     Sharla Kibel  --