Palestinian and Jewish youth are leading the way . . . again.
     An Israeli, a Palestinian, and a Jewish American young and "only" college students have teamed up to create part of an economic blueprint to get Palestine on its feet and reduce the desperation in young people that leads to violence.

     Jozoor Microfinance: The Roots of Change in the Middle East they call their creative initiative.  It's on the Web at:

     The guys are Uri Pomerantz ( ), a Stanford University senior; Hisham Jabi ( ), Claremont College business student; and Bryan Berkett ( ), Columbia University undergraduate student.
     The team advisers include Professor Hamid Dabashi, head of Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia and Nadav Morag, a member of Israelis National Security Council.
     Listen online to streaming audio of the five-minute Microlending for Palestinians interview of Jozoor youth-partners on Minnesota Public Radio's "MarketPlace" from April 25, 2003 by reporter Gabriel Spitzer.

     Microcredit has been used to fight poverty in poor countries with great success. 
     Jozoor Microfinance would give small loans to young Palestinian men.
     With capital, the selected Palestinians can start small businesses, employ other Palestinians, and develop the economy.
     The idea to help people who might otherwise turn to violence came to Uri Pomerantz last year, after his aunt was killed in Jerusalem by a Palestinian militant.
     Instead of violence, Uri's choice of "retribution" was to us his energy and creativity to help correct the root causes of violence.
     Jozoors founders hope to raise $32,000 for a pilot project, and later up that to $3 million.

     Thanks to our friend Beth-ann Roth Kirby ( ) for this news.
     Batya is a skilled Washington, DC attorney with experience in securities law and financial development. 
     As her contribution to peace for her Jewish people, and for the Palestinians as well, she has always wished to help with a capital markets development project to create a thriving Palestinian economy. 
     When she discovered Jolool on the Internet, she contacted them promptly and has offered her assistance.