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A call for Palestinian and Israeli girls (14-17) living in the U.S.

Creativity for Peace Camp in New Mexico, USA is an arts-based, reconciliation-centered program that is bringing Palestinian and Israeli adolescent aged girls from the Middle East to listen, create, and grow together.

And there is room at camp for a few more girls, ages 14-17, who are in North America at the moment.

Our goal is to have 10 girls total. Our coordinators have been working night and day to get the visas in order.  We have managed to get 4 Israeli girls, 2 Palestinian/Israelis, and 1 Gaza Palestinian processed. Despite their amazing efforts 3 girls still remain without visas.

We are now pursuing a new idea. We wish to find the 5 other participants in the U.S. -- 1 Israeli/Americans and 2 Palestinian/Americans.

Criteria for camp participation:
1.  Recent immigration in the past few years from the Middle East, where they have spent a good part of their lives.
2.  Available to travel to attend camp July 7-21, 2003 -- this summer (!)
3.  Open to learning about building co-existence dialogue and also making art.
4.  Young Israeli or Palestinian women, age 14-17.

Creativity for Peace Camp will PAY FOR ALL TRAVEL door to door, although some spending money will be needed.

Please shake the trees of your communities, social circles, and dialogue groups, and let us know if you discover any teen women who might want to take part in this inspiring week.

The camp is comfortable and set in nature in a stunning valley near Glorieta, New Mexico, 20 minutes outside of Santa Fe.  Some photos are on the Web at:

The girls will have comfortable beds and a big house.  Classes will be in varied order each day.  There is land to walk across, field trips to go on, and work to do.  Art classes will mainly be photography, journal-based writing and story telling, sculptural and 3-D art installations.

The reconciliation work is based on compassionate listening and facilitated by Rachel Kaufman, M.A., M.S., with forty years' experience in the human maturation process with youth and adults.  Her partner in the camp is Debra Sugarman, a film maker and photographic artist, who earned her B.A. in Photography from the University of Texas, and her Master of Fine Arts from Vermont College.


Debra Sugerman

Rachel Kaufman