Dear Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue participants and supporters,

     After the eight courageous Palestinians and Israelis of "Breaking the Ice" peace expedition conquered an unclimbed Antarctic peak and named it "The Mountain of Israeli-Palestinian Friendship," they didn't simply "go home."
     In fact, they're not home at all.
     Bad weather kept them on their boat in Antarctica an additional, physically difficult week -- with a kind of crisis of spirit.
     Only a few days ago could they finally depart for Chile on Drake Passage -- 4-1/2 days through wind and stormy seas. 

"The Drake Passage has earned a place in history as having some of the roughest sea weather on the planet. . .where the fast flowing southern ocean waters are squeezed between the continental land masses of South America and Antarctica. Storms frequently whip the ocean into a dark grey turbulent, heaving mass of water, renowned for sinking many a ship."

     Four weeks without showers, they hope to reach Puerto Williams at the most southern tip of Chile this evening, Tuesday, 27 January, 2004.
     They delay has, we're excited to report, sparked unexpected compassion and creativity among admiring Palestinians and Jews in Chile, as you can read in the Expedition Diary below. 
     There is a new opportunity -- a flurry of communication and goodwill among the two communities in Santiago, for the sake of the "Breaking the Ice" team to further broadcast their shared conquest, humanity, and vision. 
     Their Israeli-Palestinian story is far, far from over. 
     "Breaking the Ice" is only beginning to have its effects "back home," we imagine.
                      -- L&L

Friday, 23 December 2004

Stuck in a Bay

Since five days, the group is stuck in a bay due to stormy weather. They could start crossing the Drake Passage, as they are at the upper end of Gerlache Strait. However, even today at noon (Chile time, GMT -3 hours) it is not clear if they can make tracks tomorrow.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the last day for starting the crossing of the Drake passage in time to arrive in Puerto Williams by the 28. January, their scheduled arrival time. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2004

Drake Passage and beyond

The expedition has left the Antarctic Peninsula in stormy weather, navigating safely through icebergs. On Monday evening, they had crossed 60 S and officially left the Antarctic waters. In a phone conversation, Heskel gave us a brief on their mood, saying just how tired and exhausted they all are.

The team is only at the beginning of grasping the dynamics that have unfolded in the last few days: With help of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group in California, the Santiago Jewish and Palestinian communities are beginning to communicate with each other. The plan is to give the team a good welcome in Santiago as well as the opportunity to give account of their amazing story at a public place in Chile.

They are due to arrive in Puerto Williams by Tuesday night. We will inform as soon as we get more updated information.

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