There are those who make things happen. 
     There are those who watch things happen.
     And there are those who ask, "What happened?"
    This is about those who are causing new relationships  to happen -- inventing their future -- for Jews and Palestinians.
     Not waiting for governments or "experts," these cultural creatives hope their ideas will travel from North America across the ocean to Jerusalem and beyond.

     Most Palestinians and Jews have never had an in-depth, sustained relationship, in the Middle East and worldwide.
     This "big disconnect" allows them to maintain stereotypes and dehumanize each other -- staying at a distance, doing what they're doing to one another at this moment..
     Thus the urgent need for a greatly enlarged public peace process to discover the "other" equally human, equally excellent persons -- expand our identification to include each other, as described at:

     There is something magic about "enemies" coming together in a safe place in nature, to discover the humanity of the "other" and transform the nature of their relationships forever.
     The decade-old pioneering efforts of  "Seeds of Peace" in Maine, and "Building Bridges for Peace" in Colorado, are the premier summer camp youth experiences that usually come to mind right away.
     Few realize that now their are eight camp experiences that bring Palestinians and Jews together in North America.

     What if you heard that two of the camps are new this summer in Canada, even in the darkest of times?
     What if your heard that one is initiated by an Israeli high school senior residing in Ottawa who met her very first Arabs and Muslims only in her junior year, and was so transformed that she dedicated all these months to assure other youth would have that life-changing experience?
     Well, you just heard it.
     Read how young Michelle Divon's new life began, in the story told at .

     Now take time to appreciate the eight North American camps being offered this Summer and Fall, shown here all together for the first time.
     And please pass on to others these hopeful stories of individual women and men who make things happen.
     Our new future together is as close as an open mind and outreached hand -- and your courage.
                -- L&L

===== 1 =====
Peace Camp Canada
in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

===== 2 =====
Peace It Together
in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

===== 3 =====
Middle East Peace Camp for Children
in Seattle, Washington, USA

===== 4 and 5 =====
Building Bridges for Peace
in Colorado, USA
Face to Face - Faith to Faith
in New York, USA

===== 6 =====
Creativity for Peace
in New Mexico, USA

===== 7 =====
Oseh Shalom ~ Sanea al-Salam
Palestinian-Jewish Family Peacemakers Camp
at Camp Tawonga near Yosemite Valley, California, USA

===== 8 =====
Seeds of Peace
in Maine, USA