Here's how you can light up a delicious Middle Eastern holiday dinner at home, and help the public peace process at the same time.


     SEEING THE LIGHT:  Businesswomen work for peace was the banner over the San Francisco Chronicle article two days ago -- 17 November 2004.
    "The Jerusalem Candle of Hope" provides light, and so do the Israeli and Palestinian women who cooperate to create them.
     It's a wonderful story of citizen creativity from The Business Council for Peace (BPeace), a group of American businesswomen.
     They had the idea of bringing Palestinian and Israeli women together to make a product that could enhance their mutual understanding and improve their economic condition.
     "We believe if we can strengthen women, we can strengthen their role in the peace process," said Anne Glauber, a member of the Council.
     "Women + Business = Peace" they believe.  Their story is at:
     A Council team traveled to the Middle East and linked an Israeli candle factory in Nazareth that employed Russian immigrant women with a Palestinian embroidery shop in Bethlehem to create the candle.
     The wonderful story is on the Web:

     Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Parents' Circle, an organization of Israelis and Palestinians who lost family members in the conflicts, and come together to heal through their relationships and reject violence.  Income will also provide bonuses for the women's families.
     You can purchase the "Jerusalem Candle of Hope" at:


    Now you need a meal for the candlelight.
      A new cookbook -- PALESTINIAN AND JEWISH RECIPES FOR PEACE -- is a November, 2004 publishing "first" -- 100 beautiful pages of recipes for the table and for building relationships at home, in schools and neighborhoods, between nations.
     It is the creative two-year work of love of the 12-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group on the San Francisco Peninsula, preparing for their 151st meeting.
     Proceeds from the book will help print new editions, toward the success of a Middle East public peace process that benefits all.
     Ordering information and much more about the book is at:

     By the lives we live, may we bless the coming very special Season of Light, both our peoples, and all humankind.
                        -- L&L