Dr. Harold Saunders, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, helped broker five successful Israeli-Arab peace negotiations. 
     He is founder and president of the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, at:
     Saunders says that "peace negotiations fail because leaders (and citizens) are unwilling to go down a path where they cant see the end.
     Have you ever been on a road or trail for the first time?  Did it not feel easier, faster and safer the second time?

     For Israeli and Palestinian youth -- Muslims, Christians, and Jews -- it is the same with their relationships.
     Helping Palestinian and Jewish youth travel the road to friendship and cooperation are now more than a dozen camp-like summer programs in North America, described at:
     This growing family of summer camps demonstrate what life will be like not far down the road.

     Four days in January, 2005, 26 camp leaders -- Palestinians, Israelis, Americans, Canadians -- met in Kalamazoo, Michigan for the first time as guests of the Fetzer Institute.   That meeting is described at:


     Age teens to sixties, these women and men generously shared their life and camp experiences in the Middle East public peace process.
     Their proceedings and collective social intelligence were diligently recorded by journalist Alexandra Wall.
     The resulting first-of-its-kind 71-page illustrated document of human experience, concrete methods and inspiration is now freely available for everyone's use.
     We hope this landmark document will improve camps and energize relationship-building activities everywhere to become the best they can be, for the good of all.

An Assimilation Weekend:
North American camps for the Middle East public peace process
June, 2005

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