Invitation to Muslim, Jewish, and Christian families
Share a unique California 3-day weekend in the beautiful Sierra Mountains near Yosemite Valley

Third Annual Palestinian-Jewish Weekend
Oseh Shalom~Sanea al-Salam Family Peacemakers Camp

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 This year hosting youth and parents from Israel and Palestine
including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem, Misgav, Ramallah, Sakhnin, and Jenin
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Friday 'til Sunday, Sept. 16-18, 2005

~ ~  Something for each adult and child in your family!  ~ ~
~ ~  Show your children that Palestinians and Jews can be good partners  ~ ~

Nurturing, experienced counselors to guide your children
in an array of fun and educational activities so
you will have time
to focus 100% on adult conversations and activities.

Ann Gonski ~ ~ Camp Tawonga ~ ~ Tel: 415-543-2267 ~ ~

Compassionate listening workshop  ~ ~  Relationship building
Music, singing, dancing
~ ~  Family photo & history corner
Arts & crafts from diverse traditions  
~ ~   Campfire
Gourmet international cuisine 
~ ~   Tuolumne River nature walks
High adventure challenge course  
~ ~   Lake boating
~ ~   Hiking

More about the camp:
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"I came to camp with a 'show me' attitude.  But the weekend was a transformative experience that helped free me from the past and begin to move forward."
     -- Israeli camper, daughter of Holocaust survivor

"It was a weekend to remember. People could express themselves and be heard in a safe place. If it can be done here, it can be done anywhere. We both demonstrated to each other that we do not need to be enemies."
     -- Palestinian man, born in Ramallah

"I found deep meaning in meeting 'the enemy' more personally for the first time."
     -- Recent IDF soldier

"I could not have felt more welcome.  As you know it's been very difficult for me coming back from my trip to Qalquilya, Ramallah, and Jerusalem, so it was very healing to see and feel all the support."
     -- Palestinian woman camper

Ann Gonski ~ ~ Camp Tawonga ~ ~ Tel: 415-543-2267 ~ ~