Jewish and Palestinian women and men -- equally -- gathered In Louisville, KY October 1-2, 2005.
     The city's largest newspaper published back-to-back articles about the weekend:


Regional conference will bring together Jews, Palestinians

Interfaith service will kick off event


Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend

Interfaith prayers for peace open conference


     It was the Second Midwest Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend, described at .
    And its coming somehow inspired The Temple to plan a stunning Shabbat "Service for Peace" with standing-room-only attendance by Muslims, Christians and Jews whose youth and adults spoke from the pulpit in Arabic, English and Hebrew prayers and blessings for one another.
     They now hope to make the Sabbath "Service for Peace" an annual tradition each Friday before the High Holidays.
     This Dialogue has made its way to the heartland of America in a big way.

     A good part of the reason for these successes is a handful of Arabs and Jews there who call themselves Togetherfor2states -- .
     Two who shepherd the group are Bashar Masri ( ) and wife, Debbie, and Mark Isaacs ( ) and spouse, Sally.
      In 2004, they brought across the ocean 23 Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians.
     They performed 11 concerts -- Making Harmony -- for 5,000 people, opening a lot of minds and hearts and setting a high standard of for all of us.
     People still remember the parting words of Amir, the young Palestinian drummer from Nablus: "Joy is the weapon."

   You can see photos of the 2005 Dialogue Weekend activities at:
    Here are how some responses of participants who came from Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky and California.

"I learned a lot about myself and the process and met a lot of great people. I hope to grow to be a better listener."

        -- Ph.D. graduate student in Global Studies, University of Denver

"I was deeply moved by what we started in Louisville last weekend, and I pray that we may all continue, together, the work that we have started. . .Last weekend changed me -- deeply, and for the better."

        -- Jewish participant, Asheville, NC

"I treasure the openness and trust that allowed us to really hear each other's stories as our own!"

        -- Palestinian participant, Ann Arbor, MI

"My horoscope for yesterday: 'You act as a buffer between warring parties. It's an unusual position for you to be in, as your usual modus operandi is to take a side."  How about that!   Next step will be to find folks who are interested in a dialogue group. . ."drop drop drop drop Ocean."   

                - Jewish participant, Springfield, MO

     The story of this fine weekend is at .

     Help bring people together where you live.
     It means the world.