Jewish and Palestinian Israelis together will invade the East Coast of the U.S. by air January 15-24, 2006.
     Depend on it.  And be there, if you can.
     You'll want to be their victim of kindness, creative theatre, soaring music, cooperation, and concrete hope.
     "The Time Has Come" says the newest anthem they'll sing out -- -- available for public download to benefit your captors, the youth of Peace Child Israel.
    Peace Child Israel -- -- are Arab and Jewish teens from the Holy Land who find common ground through the arts and theatre for possible solutions plaguing the lives of both sides. 
    Many of their parents are now joined in devoted Dialogue, having participated with their children in the 2005 Family Peacemakers Camp -- Oseh Shalom~Wahat al-Salam:


     Their descent onto North America will feature new kinds of warriors -- Israeli Palestinians (15) and Jews (12) rather equally.
     With the 8 Jewish and 11 Arab youth will be -- equally -- Dialogue facilitators, chaperones, and high school principles, all dedicated to living a life of compassion and cooperation together.

     Peace Child Israel will spend ten days in the U.S., interacting and performing with American teen hosts, offering cultural identity workshops and presenting their original play, THE OTHER SIDE, for school and public audiences in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.
    The trip will culminate at Philadelphia's National Constitution Center -- Sat., January 21, 2006, 8:00 pm -- where members of Peace Child Israel, along with American teenagers who participated during the visit and Philadelphia recording artists, will perform two peace anthems and share their experiences. 
     Adding to the grand finale will be musicians of Intercultural Journeys -- -- who promote understanding among people of diverse cultures through dialogue and the presentation of world-class performances in music, poetry and other art forms, who have adopted the wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr.:

"People fail to get along with each other because they fear each other.

They fear each other because they dont know each other.

They dont know each other because they have not properly communicated with each other."

     See a preview at .
     Read the Press Release --
     The director and shepherd of Peace Child Israel is:
        Melisse Lewine-Boskowitch
        Cell: (551) 221-2348 --
     The devoted, selfless organizers have been:
        Delaware Valley Consortium of Friends of Peace Child Israel
        Deb Chamberlin -- -- (856) 435-6374
     This historic outpouring from Middle East citizens -- youth and adults -- was inspired and championed since October, 2004, by singer and songwriter Deb Chamberlain, co-founder of Changing Our World (COW) Project, thus modeling the power of dedication and creativity in the arts.
     The mission of the tour is to bring together Israeli and American youth and their respective communities in a powerful message of global
partnership responsible, shared citizenship.

American hosting groups

The Changing Our World (COW) Project , Washington Township, NJ --

The South Jersey Jewish Federation and JCC, Cherry Hill, NJ

The North Stars of Art Sanctuary, Philadelphia, PA --

Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, Lansdale, PA --

Congregation Mishkan Shalom, Manayunk, PA

The JCC of Northern Virginia-West, Fairfax, VA

All Dulles Area Muslim Society, Sterling, VA --

Temple B'Nai Or, Morristown, NJ

Congregation B'Nai Tikvah, Washington Township, NJ

Public presentations in Philadelphia
Wednesday, January 18 -- 7:30 pm
Performance of THE OTHER SIDE, Peace Child Israel's original play about coexistence
with opening libations by the teen North Stars of Philadelphia
LOCATION:  Church of the Advocate,1801 Diamond Street, Philadelphia
INFORMATION: (215) 232-4485

Saturday, January 21 -- 8:30-10:00 pm (doors open at 8:00)
"WE BROUGHT PEACE UPON US" -- a memorable evening of Arab, Jewish and American harmony featuring:
525 Arch Street  -- Independence Mall -- Philadelphia, PA
Evening sponsored by The Abraham Fund Initiatives --
INFORMATION: or (856) 435-6374
ADMISSION: $10   (prefer tax-deductible checks to THE ABRAHAM FUND INITATIVES -- cash accepted)
PARKING: $7 (bring in ticket for validation)
        NCC Garage, on Race St. between 5th & 6th    OR
        Independence Mall Garage, enter on 5th or 6th St., between Arch & Market


     For 16 months, American tour coordinator Deb Chamberlin and partners in the Delaware Valley Consortium for Friends of Peace Child have selflessly volunteered unimaginable  time and effort to prepare the events and hosting for Peace Child Israel's 27-person delegation.
     It takes totality -- coordinating venues, workshops, P.R., fundraising, meals, performances, and housing.
     Deb and her husband, Robert Wynn, co-wrote and produced "The Time Has Come," featuring many of Philadelphia's favorite recording artists in a beautiful rendition available for download and purchase at . Proceeds will benefit Peace Child Israel and ongoing work for global cooperation.
     Widespread support from the local communities has been expressed in wonderful meals donated by area restaurants and food stores, host families, a high school student council, synagogue and mosque teen groups, and volunteers in NJ, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and New York City.
     A documentary film is being produced by Art in Motion -- -- and there will be newspaper, TV and radio coverage of the tour's various events. 
     The Mayor of Philadelphia issued a Peace Child Israel citation for January 21st, when the city's "Sister Cities" program officially welcomes the Delegation with a tour of City Hall.
     The youth and adults will be hosted in homes by volunteer families throughout South Jersey, Philadelphia and North Jersey for the entire tour. 
     Many of the American teens from the COW Project and the PCI teens have been e-mailing and instant messaging each other for weeks in advance of the tour, and have already become friends even before meeting. 
     American teens are already planning to do a reverse cultural exchange to the Holy Land the following year, as they see the huge possibility for using their lives as ambassadors for peace as citizens of global communities.
     Events in Washington Township, NJ are being filmed and will be aired on the Township's Comcast Cable TV channel, bringing awareness of the Peace Child Israel tour and their work for Arab-Jewish relations and tolerance to thousands of families in South Jersey.

     This is the living public peace process -- ordinary citizens with great power to listen, learn, cooperate, include others, and cross walls and oceans to build a world beyond war, far beyond what we ever imagined was possible.
     This is the great, possible life.