This has nothing to do with the Middle East public peace process.
     And it has everything to do with the it.
     And with anything in life that seems unlikely, unreachable, impossible, not doable.
     By people who are disregarded, incapable, weaker, less-than, not "good enough."

     Watch this real-life video news broadcast, and re-claim your principles and idealism of:

        -  being inclusive.
        -  building teams and community.
        valuing every single human being -- excluding no one.
        helping every person as if we are one -- family.
        -  feeding and nurturing where needed, even those unlike "us," even if we might not benefit directly, right away.
        -  inviting help to arrive from the most unlikely people.
        -  remembering the power of one "different," included, on-fire human being to ignite a crowd in a positive way.
        -  knowing that goodness is rewarded, by mystery and by grace, when least expected, in times of need.

     Now see the CBS-TV evening news:


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CBS-TV national news re-run

Follow-up TV News report


     Live it, and pass it forward.
     Idealism is how life really works at its best. 
It will in Jerusalem.
     And humankind will notice.
     And the planet will shift.