A dozen North American summer camp programs for the Middle East public peace process, including one for families, await 2006 participants -- Jews and Palestinians from Gaza, the West Bank, Canada and the U.S. 
     Read about them at http://traubman.igc.org/camps.htm

     A new printed booklet of life-tested activities is now available to the public, as a gift from these programs.
     CAMP ACTIVITIES FOR RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING PROGRAMS is a 17-page (and growing) illustrated guideline for relationship-building activities for youth and adults worldwide.
     Read and download it at the top of http://traubman.igc.org/campconf.htm .

     "COURAGEOUS PEOPLE ONLY" might read the sign at the gates of these life-changing gathering places.
     Yet, the relative comfort of these programs pales compared to the treacherous mountain and dessert terrain to where two groups of
"enemies" -- Palestinians, Israelis, and others -- are training together to travel soon.

        1.  Breraking the Ice  (Sahara Dessert)
        2. The Everest Peace Project (Mt. Everest)

     Survival is their common goal.
     Totally dependent on the goodwill, skills, and cooperation of the "other."
     Building a team that works for the good of all.
     Discovering Earth and each other.
     As we are born to do well.

                      - L&L

===  1  ===
Breaking the Ice 2006 (Sahara Dessert)

     Through January, 2004, four Arabs and four Jews -- including two women -- comprised the historic Israeli-Palestinian expedition to Antarctica.


     From the southern tip of Chile, South America, they crossed the dangerous Drakes Passage of the Bering Sea.
     Successfully summiting an unclimbed, un-named peak, they named it The Mountain of Israeli-Palestinian Friendship.
     On their way home, they stopped in Santiago to tell their story to gathered local Jews and Palestinians who previiously hesitated to ever meet.
     Their story will live forever.
     It helps us become more -- braver, better.

     Breaking the Ice 2006 will be ten men and women -- Christians, Jews and Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the former Soviet Union and the USA -- coming together in mind, body and spirit to cross the Sahara desert and the territories of five different countries and cultures.


     In March 2006, the team will embark on a four-week journey from Jerusalem to Tripoli, crossing some of the harshest terrain on the planet.
     The participants will confront physical and spiritual terrain that has witnessed conflict throughout the centuries.
     Testing themselves against the challenges of their surroundings and their own conflicted relationships, they will succeed only if they rely on and trust one another.
     Training began at the end of this January.
     The selected participants met for the first time for an orientation and training camp in the Jordanian Desert.
     They are preparing themselves mentally and physically for the challenges of the journey that lies ahead in March.
     Their trip diary will be at http://breaking-the-ice.de/index.php?page=journeys_sahara_diary .

===  2  ===
The Everest Peace Project (Mt. Everest)

     This April 2006, world history will be made when Palestinian-born Ali Bushnaq will climb Mt. Everest with Israelis Micha Yaniv and David Yifrah
     The three climbers are part of a group of peace climbers called The Everest Peace Project.
     The Everest climbing team consists of nine experienced mountaineers representing seven different countries and five major faith traditions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism).
     Their goal is not to preach religion (they also have an atheist on their team) or politics.
     Instead, this multi-cultural team intends to inspire the international community through their climb, sending a profound message of peace, teamwork, and cultural understanding from the top of the world.
     See the story and photographs of training in Jordan and Mt. Shasta, California:

                Tuesday, 28 February 2006
                Palestinian & Israelis to Climb Everest
                Palestinian and Israeli men will climb Mt. Everest together in world peace climb