Most important Middle East story


A new film about the new breed of Palestinian and Jew


"The most important story in the Middle East is not being told on the nightly news."

     Thus begins ENCOUNTER POINT -- .
     This is a film with a fresh look at life,  produced by a Palestinian, Israeli and North American team.
     Meet the new breed -- Jews and Palestinians who overcome unthinkable death, pain and fear.
     Meet the new heroes -- women and men with courage to turn their faces away from violence and toward one another.
     This is the story for our time, for those who would choose this great life.

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View the film in a theatre.

        New York, Tribeca Film Festival,  -- April 26 and 28, May 4 and 6, 2006
                World Premiere
        San Francisco International Film Festival  -- May 1-3, 2006
                West Coast Premier
        Toronto, Canada at HotDocs -- May 4 and May 7, 2006
                Canadian Premiere

This film is by the people of JustVision -- -- who live this life and help others by:

        * * increasing awareness about Palestinian and Israeli non-violent, civilian-led efforts to build a base for peace in the Middle East.
        * * creating educational resources about the spectrum of grassroots Israeli and Palestinian peace efforts through documentary film and cutting-edge interactive curricula.
        * * connecting Israeli and Palestinian civilians working for peace to one another, thereby breaking the isolation of these courageous leaders and laying the groundwork for a network for peace.
        * * conducting strategic outreach to educate North American audiences about these efforts and about the value of peace work emanating from civil society.
* * providing interested audiences with nonpartisan channels for getting involved.

Through innovative online and face-to-face encounters, Just Vision widens the influence of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and secular advocates for peace by making their voices heard among local and North American audiences. In so doing, Just Vision offers models for hope, trust, courage and partnership which are critical to the long-term success of any peace process.


Ronit Avni
-- Director -- Brooklyn, NY -- Toll-free: 866-809-3401 --
Joline Makhlouf -- Jerusalem --
Nahanni Rous --  Washington, DC -- Tel: 202-577-4384 --