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Fourth Annual Palestinian-Jewish Weekend
Oseh Shalom ~ Sanea al-Salam Family Peacemakers Camp

Muslim, Jewish, and Christian families & singles making history
Camp Tawonga in the beautiful Sierra Mountains near Yosemite Valley

Friday - Monday, Sept. 1-4, 2006
4-day Labor Day weekend in California

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Over 50 international youth and adults already registered from
Israel, Palestine (Gaza and West Bank), Jordan, and Japan.
Travelling from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nablus, Jenin, Neve Shalom~Wahat al-Salam,
Petach Tikva, Kfar Kassem, Misgav, SakhninRamallah, Beit Sahour, Hebron, Gaza,  and Tokyo.
Participants of Peace Child Israel, Arava Environmental Institute
Youth Without Borders, Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
Interfaith Encounter Association, Combatants for Peace, Future Generation Hands
Nir School of the Heart, Language Connections, Young Israel Forum for Cooperation, and
Japan-Israel-Palestine Student Conference sophisticated, highly motivated youth in Japan
who initiate inviting Israeli and Palestinian students to a safe place to communicate better.
From New York, Michigan, DC, Minnesota, Illinois, Florida, Utah, Texas, and California
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This will be a full camp.  Register early.

~ ~  Something for each adult and child  ~ ~
~ ~  Show your children that Palestinians and Jews can be good partners  ~ ~

Nurturing, experienced counselors for your children
in an array of fun and educational activities so
you will have time
to focus 100% on adult conversations and activities.

Ann Gonski ~ ~ Camp Tawonga ~ ~ Tel: 415-543-2267 ~ ~

Quality Listening workshops  ~ ~  Relationship building
Across generations 
~ ~  Singles, families, elders, youth
How-to of the public peace process  
~ ~   Leadership training 
Music, singing, dancing
~ ~  Family photo & history corner
Arts & crafts from diverse traditions  
~ ~   Campfires
Gourmet international cuisine 
~ ~   Tuolumne River nature walks
High adventure challenge course  
~ ~   Lake boating
~ ~   Hiking   ~ ~   Ceremony
Time to create our future together

More about the camp:
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"I came to camp with a 'show me' attitude.  But the weekend was a transformative experience that helped free me from the past and begin to move forward."
     -- Israeli camper, daughter of Holocaust survivor

"It was a weekend to remember. People could express themselves and be heard in a safe place. If it can be done here, it can be done anywhere. We both demonstrated to each other that we do not need to be enemies."
     -- Palestinian man, born in Ramallah

"I found deep meaning in meeting 'the enemy' more personally for the first time."
     -- Israeli recent IDF soldier

"Words cannot be enough to tell you how thankful I am to be part of the amazing weekend.  It can be very hopeless sometimes.  The past weekend charged me with hope, with the feeling of empowerment and support."
     -- Palestinian young woman from East Jerusalem

 "Meeting Palestinians directly from Israel/Palestine provided me with a completely different understanding of the Middle East. And what a pleasure to not only hear Arabic and Hebrew conversations, but to hear them in an atmosphere of goodwill."
     -- Jewish American woman

 "I have never had such a deep and friendly experience with a Jew or an Israeli. The camp is a great experience that enables Palestinians and Jews not only understand each other but also understand themselves.  I would love to help to make the camp of 2006 even more successful."
     -- Palestinian young man from Jenin

"Seeing this important process up close was fascinating, and gives me much hope for a more peaceful future. Thank you for letting us report this story to our viewers, and for making us feel so welcome."
     -- American woman CBS-TV news producer

This will be a full camp.  Register early, please.

Ann Gonski ~ ~ Camp Tawonga ~ ~ Tel: 415-543-2267 ~ ~
scholarship help available