There are stories of physicians in Israeli hospitals saving Palestinian lives.
     And Palestinian physicians have cared well for Jews, as did Dr. Izzeldine Abuelaish who traveled from Jabalya Refugee Camp to Soroka Hospital to deliver babies of Jewish Israeli mothers before Israeli closed the Gaza border.

     This being The Citizens' Century, one does not have to have credentials to treat "enemies" well and have the courage to risk much for the good of the “other.”
     Here is such a story to remind us of what it means to be human and willing to give all if we believe it can make a difference.

Published by Yahoo! News -- Monday, 21 August 2006
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Palestinian drowns trying to save Israeli teenagers
JERUSALEM (AFP) - A 24-year-old Palestinian man died over the weekend trying to save four Israeli teenagers from drowning in waters just off a beach south of Tel Aviv, an Israeli newspaper has reported.

Ahed Tamimi, from Israeli-occupied east Jerusalem, was on the Rishon Le Tzion beach with his relatives when he heard four teenagers in the water cry for help,the Maariv daily reported Monday.

"He heard our cries for help and he dove into the water without hesitation," of the teenagers, Denis Mihayev, 15, told the newspaper.

"He swam towards me, grabbed my hand and pulled me forcefully back to shore," he said.

Tamimi then returned to the water to try and help the three others, but was caught up in a strong current and disappeared from view.

"He dove in to help my friends. I saw him battle against the current and in a few minutes, he disappeared," he said.

The three other teenagers managed to safely get back to shore.

"He didn't think twice about it, even though he wasn't a good swimmer." Ashraf Tamimi, Ahed's uncle, told the newspaper. "He came to their help and he paid for it with his life."