Despite violence, Jews, Palestinians

continue to gather in the Holy Land and U.S.A.

Saturday, 11 November 2006



     A Thursday in November, 2006, the Chico (Calif.) Area Interfaith Council (CAIC) celebrated it's 50th Annual  Dinner.
     In a small town on the leading edge of Life, 150 attendees install their new president and vice-president.
     A woman Jewish rabbi and a male Muslim Palestinian took the reigns together, there in eastern California.
     At that Catholic Newman Center, participants in a 14-year-old Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue were guest speakers.

     Friday, the next night 85 Muslims, Christians and Jews of all ages gathered in a large circle filling a Protestant church.
     The theme was "Dialogue: A New Way to Communicate."
     They did just that -- communicating their Stories, being heard with a new quality of listening -- with some guidance from the traveling Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue exemplars from the coast.

                Published in the Chico Enterprise Record -- Saturday, 11 November 2006
                Jews, Palestinians dialogue for peace
                by Larry Mitchell - Staff Writer ( )
     Saturday, Shabbat services in the synagogue concluded the weekend with stories of the Oseh Shalom ~Sanea al-Salam Family Peacemakers Camp -- -- and other Palestinian-Jewish camp programs that are transforming people and relationships.
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     All Nations Cafe gathered Jews and Palestinians for a small summer family camp at the spring of Ein Haniya near Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
     Even during the violence in Lebanon and Gaza, friends from the West Bank, Jerusalem, Galilee went "to share food, work, and prayer, to create and celebrate together, to care for the earth and the mountain spring, to bring the ancient stones to life, and to put smiles on faces of fellow human beings."
     October, 2006, they joined a Middle East gathering in Berlin, hosted by the Konigin Luise International School.
     They joined others from Germany, England, Palestine, Dubai, Iraq, Israel and Iran.
     There were participants came from Karame, an Arab youth center in Berlin, which promotes dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.  
     There was special interest in supportive relationships between Germans, Israelis and Palestinians.

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