The great power (our power) of Story

and Holy Land stories of change

Sunday, 14 January 2007


People have always told stories to each other.
Powerful stories will change the world.
You can tell and pass on stories that move people
, if you want to be relevant.

Published in Ode Magazine --  April 2006

What the world needs now are better stories

by Jurriaan Kamp

Stories that shake the world

by Seth Godin

     These articles help us we learn about the POWER of Story, Communication, One person:

1.  Traditional, restricted front page news is largely about human failures.

2.  Every moment of every day planet-wide, people are solving problems -- making the world a fairer, cleaner place.

3.  Stories about those people and their brave initiatives paint a different reality that we can believe and replicate in our own lives.

4.  We can ask ourselves: "Is this truly the best story I could tell -- the story that will help the world progress?"

5.  Better stories change the world-one reader or listener at a time -- promoting progress, inspiring the recipients, fulfilling the messengers.

6.  Anyone who wants to save the world must understand the power of stories to make things better - or worse.

7.  Stories are the best way to spread an idea, and they no longer need expensive PR campaigns.

8.  Each of us is able to cause change more than ever in history, with our ability to tell a story online, in print or directly to people in our communities. Communication technology knows no boundaries.

9.  If you care about the future -- your family, community, planet -- storytelling matters. 

10. Story might be the most powerful weapon on Earth, with a nearly-instant impact that may be felt for decades.


At are over 500 success stories of Palestinian-Jewish and interfaith relationship building.
Or simply Google "Jewish Palestinian Messages".    
Below are two more.
Stories to live by, to create from, to pass forward to others.
To be relevant for the future.

                - L&L

Israelis, Palestinians cooperating
for shared water quality

     A team of Israeli and Palestinian researchers have joined forces over their common future.
     They are planning to restore the water quality of 15 rivers that flow through both Israeli and Palestine.
     Rivers, as everyone knows, are not confined by borders.

     Both societies are heavy polluters, with much to learn and change.
     Most rivers flowing through the PA and Israeli land are heavily contaminated with raw sewage, effluent, and industrial waste.
     This is a first-ever joint monitoring of water quality or combined action plan to clean the rivers up.

     The team of 14 researchers from the Arava Institute -- -- on the Israeli side, and the Water and Environment Development Organization (WEDO) in Bethlehem on the Palestinian side, described at:
     Funding is from the Middle East Regional Cooperation (MERC) Program of the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

     The Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinian Moslems and Palestinian Christians meet regularly.
      They communicate mostly in English, as they create "a clear Palestinian and Israeli vision."
     Their most recent meeting took place in Palestinian Beit Jalla, just outside of Jerusalem.
     The project demands great of cooperation between the Palestinian and Israeli teams, who work extremely well together.

     "Our team includes many people from different religions, but there is no difference between any of us," one participant said. 
     "As human beings we need clear water and water resources.
     "Only multilateral action will solve these problems."

     Read the full article:

Published by Israel21c -- 07 January 2007

Israeli-Palestinian team cleaning up regional rivers

By Nicky Blackburn

Radio All For Peace in Holy Land
doubles interview time for citizen peacemakers

     Radio All For Peace is the leading-edge jointly-run Palestinian-Israeli run radio station, with studios in Jerusalem and transmitter in Ramallah.
     In Hebrew, Arabic and English, it broadcasts diverse news, commentary and lots of good music 24/7.
    RAINBOW, in English, is AFP's exemplary English-language interview program of peacemakers tirelessly researched and hosted Michael Brand.
     RAINBOW'S air-time has been doubled to two hours, Thursday and Saturday.
     Now, an Italian radio broadcasts an hour of RAINBOW each Sunday from Rome.
     Your can meet a diversity of responsible men and women in the Middle East, and some out of the region, who are building relationships and creating a new culture.

     Listen!!! Here's the schedule.


Radio All For Peace -- 107.2 FM -- -- 2 hours

THURSDAYS -- 15.00 Israel / P.A  -- 14.00 Europe -- 13.00 UK -- 08.00 USA East -- 05.00 USA Pacific

SATURDAYS -- 19.00 Israel / P.A  -- 18.00 Europe -- 17.00 UK -- 12.00 USA East -- 09.00 USA Pacific

Radio Citta Futura -- 97.7 FM -- -- 1 hour

SUNDAYS -- 24.00 Israel / P.A  -- 23.00 Europe -- 22.00 UK -- 17.00 USA East -- 14.00 USA Pacific