Jews, Muslims, others include each other

in growing food, the arts, neighborhood conversations

23 January 2007


Israelis work with Palestinian parents and youth
to grow food with sustainable organic farming

     Bio-Falha applies the methods of organic agriculture together with traditional Palestinian agriculture to grow food.
     The Bio-Falha project also combines the principles of (1) ecological farming and (2) human engagement to create connections between Israelis and Palestinians.
     These exemplary Jews and Palestinians who refuse to be enemies and insist on cooperating.
     See the video 5-minute video of this inspiring, shoulder-to-shoulder cooperation and caring for each other:

Muslims include Jewish artist to
illustrate Islamic community life

     PEACE VILLAGE is a Muslim residential suburb north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
     A Jew, Martha Eleen  ( ), was chosen by this Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as its first artist-in-residence.
     In two months in 2006, she produced a body of 55 paintings to illustrate the Baitul Islam Mosque as focal point of the Muslims' combination of modern housing with vibrant spiritual community life of PEACE VILLAGE.
     The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam has millions of followers in more than 170 countries.
     The Muslims recognized her residency there as an opportunity for building bridges to understanding diversity through art, against the backdrop of recent international wars and a growing level of mistrust between Muslims and non-Muslims,
     Eleen was attracted to PEACE VILLAGE because "its name is inviting during this time of wars, rampant Islam phobia and fear of multi-culturism."
     Read the story on her Web site -- .
     Even more is at

Increasing cooperation of Muslim, Jewish, Christian
Interfaith Dialogue Circles in San Mateo County, Calif.

     Beginning January 25, 2007 in a synagogue, a Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist will engage a mixed audience to increase community conversation.
     In the following months, similar gatherings will take place in a Muslim Center and in a Methodist Church.
     Read the announcement of the Islamic Networks Group (ING), at:

San Francisco Jewish Community Center
invites Muslim, Christians, Jews to engage

     A new conversation -- Am I My Brother's Keeper?  Responsibility to the Other -- will be initiated by a Muslim, Christian minister, and rabbi.
     These communities are moving toward one another as never before in the San Francisco Bay Area.