LISTEN - NEW Palestinian-Israeli

grassroots radio station - RAM-FM

Monday, 19 February 2007


    It is in the footsteps the pioneer Radio All For Peace -- -- the Arabic, Hebrew and English language station with studios in Jerusalem and transmitter in Ramallah on 107.2 FM.
    It is all-English language, like Radio Salaam Shalom -- -- Jews and Muslims Talking Together, in Bristol, England.
    It's NEW, beginning tomorrow, 21 February 2007 -- Wednesday at 06:00 / 6:00 am Jerusalem time.

    It is Radio RAM-FM, the newest Israeli-Palestinian grassroots, cooperative radio station breathing fresh air into the Holy Land and world.
    It's in English 24 hours a day:
                On the air at
93.6 FM
On the Internet at
     The Web site may not be quite finished when RAM-FM first transmits.
     If the Web site is ready on time, listen to the new station's first broadcast:

Tuesday, February 20

23:00 / 11 pm - USA East

22:00 / 10 pm - USA Central

21:00 /   9 pm - USA Mountain

20:00 /  8 pm  - USA West

Wednesday, February 21

06:00 / 6 am - Jerusalem

05:00 / 5 am - Europe

04:00 / 4 am - UK

     Programming will be mostly music at first, catering to the over-25 age group, with full staffs in both West Jerusalem and Ramallah.

     RAM-FM will have Middle East Eye Witness News in English every hour on the hour -- every half hour during the breakfast show.
     In time, the station expects to have more magazine programming, perhaps including current affairs, phone ins, editorials, hosting English language musicians from Israel and Palestine, and interviews including daily conversations with the News Director to talk about the day's leading story.
     Seasoned broadcasters such as John Berks from South Africa and Barry Hill from Australia will be joined by Hayat El Alami from IPCRI  (Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information) and Michael Brand, astute interview host of effective initiators in the Middle East public peace process.

     New kinds of broadcasters.
     Insisting on balance and excellence.
     Together, creating and transmitting with each other and the future in mind.
     Across obsolete walls.
     As if Earth has one side.
     And we all live on the same side.