Jews and Palestinians "make Peace the story" for a change

Monday, 14 May 2007



           THE WEAVERS
            We are the weavers
                We are the web
                We are the flow
                We are the ebb
 We are the hope that will not hide
We are the turning point of the tide
-  Anonymous -

     STORIES OF CHANGE -- At are described many web weavers, tide turners, change agents in over 500 stories of Palestinian-Jewish and interfaith relationship building. 
     READ them and realize: "Things don't change.  People change."

     "MAKE PEACE THE STORY" was the banner over the column by Indian journalist, Aditi Bhaduri ( ) in Kolkata.
     She was quoting even-handed Israeli columnist, Danny Rubinstein, who reminds us that often "the media plays a negative role. "
     "We look for blood, for sensation, for scandal.
     "And war sells, whereas peace does not."
     Rubinstein's conclusion:  ". . .to give peace a chance, make peace the story."
     READ it all at:
        Make peace the story
        by Aditi Bhaduri
        Friday, 11 May 2007
        Published in The Hindu Business Line

     THE SULHA PEACE PROJECT -- Over ninety Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze teenagers gathered for three days of dialogue, prayer, workshops and celebration at the Shaharut desert retreat near Eilat
     The Feb. 27-Mar.2, 2007 sponsor was THE SULHA PROJECT -- .
     This SULHITA YOUTH GATHERING included youth, ages 14-16, from Jewish and Arab towns all over Israel.
     They were joined by 15 Palestinian teenagers and adults from the Gaza Strip, for most of whom this was the first time in their lives to interact
with Israelis.
     They divided into separate gender listening circles during which the youth found common ground as young men or women.
     The circle led by the Bereaved Parents Forum was transformative for many of the young women and men.
     Israeli and Palestinian parents shared their journeys, from the deep pain of losing their loved ones to how they came to work together for
     For many of the youth, this was their first time hearing first hand the story of loss from a person on the "other side."
     A highlight was when each from the Palestinian delegation shared a story from daily life in Gaza
     Essam Shawa broke down in tears when he shared how his young daughter Rula, who despite being injured in her arm by shrapnel from an
Israeli missile, overcame her resistance and decided to come to the Sulhita gathering.
     Another moving moment saw Hod, an off duty Israeli soldier, come over to greet or embrace every member of the group from Gaza
     Elad Vazana and Hetam Mrisat were the Jewish and Arab co-coordinators of this 2007 Sulhita youth gathering.
     See the PHOTOS at

     PEACE CAMP BOSTON 2007 -- -- is the newest of the dozen North American camps for the Middle East public peace process.
     Most of the other camp-like programs are described at and .

     INTERNET PEACE AMBASSADORS -- -- is expanding to bring more and more  Israeli high school pupils aged 16 to 18 years in contact with teenagers from Arab countries via voice and messaging technologies.
     Eleven Israeli schools have committed to the program, and already over 100 youth from 5 schools have commenced this first cycle of the 2-month program of activities.

     SESAME STREET ON TV HAS RETURNED TO THE MIDDLE EAST -- A series based on the TV show Sesame Street has returned to Palestinian and Israeli TV, with renewed hope of encouraging peace and mutual acceptance amongst the region's children.
     Sesame Stories - called Hikayat Simsim in Palestine, and Sippuray Sumsum in Israel, is to help the next generation of Israelis and Palestinians to love their neighbours - whatever their ethnic or religious differences.
     Programs are based on universal stories about respect and understanding,    
     The Los Angeles Times STORY is at,1,5057888.story?ctrack=1&cset=true .
     LISTEN to the NPR news report by Daniel Estrin of RADIO ALL FOR PEACE at .

     2007 FILMS INSPIRE, INSTRUCT TO CHANGE PEOPLE AND RELATIONSHIPS -- Several new 2007 films are powerful tools to model what it looks like when diverse youth and adults come together and stay together to learn about each other.
                An Arab-Jewish Women's Dialogue tells their power stories of connecting and changing.
        FREEDOM WRITERS -- view TRAILER at
                Diverse students discovering one another and changing.  A must-see.
                DVD available to rent or purchase.
                Palestinian and Jewish exemplars lead 10th grade students into meaningful conversations.
                DVD available at no cost.
        PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp -- 8 min. TRAILER at
                140 Muslims, Christians, Jews live together in the California mountains and relate in new ways.
                DVD available at no cost.

            THE WEAVERS
            We are the weavers
                We are the web
                We are the flow
                We are the ebb
 We are the hope that will not hide
We are the turning point of the tide
-  Anonymous -