Palestinian, Jewish Camp for Youth, Adults

ANNOUNCEMENT -- Oct 5-9, 2007 California

Friday, 29 June 2007



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Announcement to Muslim, Jewish, and Christian youth & adults
Share a unique Friday-Tuesday weekend in the beautiful California Sierra Mountains near Yosemite Valley
and Tuesday evening public presentation in San Francisco

Fifth Annual Palestinian-Jewish
Oseh Shalom~Sanea al-Salam Peacemakers Camp

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 This year hosting deeply interested youth and adults from North America, Israel and Palestine
who are
currently involved in peacemaking and relationship-building activity
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday thru Tuesday, Oct. 5-9, 2007

~ ~  Demonstrating that Palestinians and Jews can be good partners  ~ ~

Camp Tawonga ~ ~ Tel: 415-543-2267 ~ ~

Quality Listening workshops  ~ ~  Relationship building
~ ~  Across generations
How-to of the public peace process  
~ ~   Leadership training 
Music, singing, dancing
~ ~  Family photo & history corner
Arts & crafts from diverse traditions  
~ ~   Campfire
Gourmet international cuisine 
~ ~   Tuolumne River nature walks
High adventure challenge course  
~ ~   Lake boating
~ ~   Hiking   ~ ~   Ceremony
Time to create our future together

More about this year's 2007 camp:


"I came to camp with a 'show me' attitude.  But the weekend was a transformative experience that helped free me from the past and begin to move forward."
     -- Israeli camper, daughter of Holocaust survivor

"It was a weekend to remember. People could express themselves and be heard in a safe place. If it can be done here, it can be done anywhere. We both demonstrated to each other that we do not need to be enemies."
     -- Palestinian man, born in Ramallah

"I found deep meaning in meeting 'the enemy' more personally for the first time."
     -- Israeli recent IDF soldier

"Words cannot be enough to tell you how thankful I am to be part of the amazing weekend.  It can be very hopeless sometimes.  The past weekned charged me with hope, with the feeling of empowerment and support."
     -- Palestinian young woman from East Jerusalem

 "Meeting Palestinians directly from Israel/Palestine provided me with a completely different understanding of the Middle East. And what a pleasure to not only hear Arabic and Hebrew conversations, but to hear them in an atmosphere of goodwill."
     -- Jewish American woman

 "I have never had such a deep and friendly experience with a Jew or an Israeli. The camp is a great experience that enables Palestinians and Jews not only understand each other but also understand themselves.  I would love to help to make the camp of 2006 even more successful."
     -- Palestinian young man from Jenin

"Seeing this important process up close was fascinating, and gives me much hope for a more peaceful future. Thank you for letting us report this story to our viewers, and for making us feel so welcome."
     -- American woman CBS-TV news producer

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