a new book, a needed spirit of helping each other

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


ONE CITY, TWO BROTHERS isn't only what's ahead.
     It's now.
     The brightly-illustrated new book is a how-to for the Holy City.
     The timely folk tale of how Jerusalem came to be is about mutual understanding and kind acts toward one another.
     This required spirit predates the city itself and is our destiny -- to bring to life in our time.
     The story has been heard in synagogues, mosques and churches across the Near East and beyond for hundreds of years.
     Storyteller Chris Smith shows how two brothers find peace by seeing themselves in each other.

ONE CITY, TWO BROTHERS (age 6 to 99)

By Chris Smith

Brightly illustrated by Aurelia Fronty

32 pages; water color paintings; Barefoot Books; Cambridge, MA, IL.; Fall 2007

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Two bickering brothers stand before the wise King Solomon.

He shares with them the story of two other brothers who lived long before their time.

By retelling the story of how Jerusalem came to be, he offers guidance.

He hopes that they will learn to appreciate one another and the value of sharing, always sharing.

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A 5-1/2 minute film says it in another way -- balancing "What about me?" with "What about you?"

The contemporary video concludes about successful living:

"And you know what?

When you're happy, I'm happy.

That's the formula

First you, then me.

That's all happiness is.

It's just the heart being free."

     INNOVATE - INSPIRE - IMAGINE is the mission of Barefoot Books, publisher of TWO BROTHER, ONE CITY.
     It can be the chosen mission for each of our lives -- Palestinians, Jews, everyone on Earth.
     It's just the heart being free.
     Choosing the very best life -- together.
     Neighbors forever.
     Echod.  Wahad.