Grassroots Peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians

(2007 book)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


    BEYOND BULLETS & BOMBS is the new, definitive, most comprehensive-yet book to describe diverse initiatives and people in the citizen-to-citizen Middle East public peace process.
     It is a rich resource for on-the-ground, relationship-building activists as well as students and educators.
     This August 30, 2007 publishing treasure is rich in graphics, tables, extensive contemporary references, quotes, and inspiration.
     Above all, while based in real, successful lives of Jews, Palestinians and dedicated others, it insists on fastening into literature and academia the living principles that succeed in everyday life on Earth.

BEYOND BULLETS & BOMBS: Grassroots Peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians

Edited by Judy Kuriansky

Praeger Publishers - August 30, 2007 --  408 pages

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     There remains ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, civil war, and political discord.

     In its midst, courageous civilians from both sides are working together build new human connections and understanding of the "other" that lead to creativity.

     Israeli Jews and Arabs, and Palestinian Muslims and Christians, young and old, men and women, are cooperating in grassroots people-to-people projects.

     Face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder they are developing educational programs and creating activities to bridge their differences.

     BEYOND BULLETS & BOMBS showcases impressive and important projects that deserve more support and world attention, and without which governments alone cannot succeed.

     In 40 captivating chapters, experts tell intriguing personal stories interwoven with psycho-social models and successful organizing principles -- inspiring and instructing how people living in hostile cultures can establish sustainable peace.

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        1.  LANGUAGE CONNECTIONS (Middle East)
  SULHA (Middle East)

=== 1 ===

     LANGUAGE CONNECTIONS is one of the book's examples of Internet relationships.
     In a closed online community, youth in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank have been engaging in communication in English to learn more about each other.
     This project utilizes two key social technologies dominated by youth these days: (1) user-created multimedia and (2)  social networking.
     The youth tell their personal stories in words and photos, and communicate in English through a "intranet" blog site.
     These stories let teens express themselves, and more importantly network with peer members from the "other" side.

    This Fall, 2007, LANGUAGE CONNECTIONS will be expanded with the help of BARNRAISER.
     In Stockholm, Sweden, BARNRAISER not-for-profit organization to give people tools they need to share knowledge and advance open society through social software.
     Why "Barnraiser"?
     When an Amish family needs a new barn their community gathers to build the whole structure in a single day.
     This tradition is called barn raising.
     In building a barn together in a day the cooperating community achieves something that no single person or family can do.
     People at BARNRAISER share that spirit as they help build a better society.

     BARNRAISER has announced that their next social project will be in Fall 2007 with LANGUAGE CONNECTIONS.

Bridging East and West:

Online dialogue between Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian Teens

=== 2 ===
SULHA (Middle East)

     This summer is now the season of the annual SULHA where thousands of Arabs and Jews -- everyone who wishes -- come together to make personal contact.
     In a nature-setting in Israel they connect, learn to listen, become more compassionate, and often change to release new creativity for inventing a new future all year long.
    SEE the video of the SULHA activity at:

=== 3 ===

     There are now a dozen camp-like programs in North America for the Middle East public peace project.
     Seattle, Washington Arabs, Jews and others have determinedly sustained their program for young children since 2002.

Published in the Seattle Post Intelligencer -- Friday, 17 August 2007

Peace camp stresses unity in diversity

'If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children'

by Brad Wong

"Out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there."
        Jelaluddin Rumi
        thirteenth-century Muslim Sufi poet, mystic, and scholar
                quoted in the Introduction to "BEYOND BULLETS & BOMBS"