Building Peace Through Sharing Stories

Thursday, 11 October 2007


"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard."

                           - Ms. Gene Knudsen Hoffman

Moshe and Munir

     Israeli Moshe Shenar and Palestinian Munir Darwish have moved beyond resignation -- beyond barriers built to separate people.
     After 15 years apart, they finally met again at a roadside restaurant near Nablus in the West Bank.

     Munir:  "This is the best moment of my life."
     Moshe: "It's good to cry sometimes."

     VIEW the stirring, instructive 20-minute video of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC):


     Moshe:  "In the end there's going to be peace.  So we can make a big party."
     Munir: "Insh'allah."  (God willing.)
     Moshe:  "What's your telephone number?"

Building Peace Through Sharing Stories
Arab and Jewish Jerusalemites' Personal Stories
Performed as Monologues in West and East Jerusalem

     Jerusalem Stories Performance Exhibit Dialogues (JSPED) is called a tool for conflict transformation.
     It is a three-hour program of storytelling performance, photography exhibit and audience discussion.
     The performance is based on true stories of Jerusalemites.
     Featured are an Israeli Egged bus driver, a Palestinian Old City shopkeeper, the founder of a women's Tehillim group, and Israeli and Palestinian bereaved family members.
     The stories focus on lives amidst conflict and the personal connections to Jerusalem.
     This program uses personal stories and portrait photographs of diverse Jerusalem residents as tools to build understanding.
     Events are held in separate forums, in Hebrew with Israeli audiences in West Jerusalem, and in Arabic with Palestinian audiences in East Jerusalem .
     The diverse stories and photos create a virtual dialogue.

Israeli Actors: Chava Ortman and Royi Naveh

Palestinian Actors: Hiba Mufattesh, Mazen Safadi

Co-Playwrights: Carol Grosman, Mohammad Thaher

Co-Directors: Melisse Boskovitch, Mohammad Thaher

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On stage in Jerusalem, Jewish and Arab audiences hear

the other side of the story in their own language

Jerusalem Stories challenges Jewish and Arab audiences to

revisit the common narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

by Ilene R. Prusher

        Published by The Christian Science Monitor -- Friday, 05 October 2007

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