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Thursday, 15 May 2008


"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard."

                - Ms. Gene Knudsen-Hoffman

"A story is the shortest distance between people."

                - Pat Speight

Tomorrow, Friday, May 16, 2008 is. . .

     The power of Story is reaching and transforming humankind and our relationships.
     It is the beginning of a world beyond war.
     A new age of community, once thought far away, is within our reach.
     Closer at hand than ever imagined.
     VIEW a "welcome" video at .
Last Sunday, May 11, 2008 was. . .

PANGEA DAY - - appearing on millions of computer screens and celebrated in over 1,000 gatherings around Earth.
     "Pangea" describes Earth's once-connected land mass before the continents separated.
     PANGEA DAY re-connected humankind with citizen creativity on every continent to heal relationships and Earth herself.
     The last portion showed examples of Jews and Palestinians who engage, reject violence, and refuse to be enemies.
     At SEE STREAMING VIDEO of (1) the one-hour highlight reel, (2) full four-hour program,  and (3) dozens of shorter films - stories to inspire and make us more human, effective global agents of change.

In the Middle East. . .     

     Some people (wrongly) say it's never been worse.
     Yes, dying is an old world of war with passive citizens excessively dependent on governments.
     But more than ever in history, a new world is being born among the people.
     Engaging. Communicating. Cooperating.
     Creating community that lasts.
The Interfaith Encounter Association is among so many dozens of citizen, face-to-face collectives and individuals meeting every day in the Middle East.
     SEE PHOTOS and REPORTS of their endless human engagements:

From North America. . . .

Connect - Middle East is harnessing Internet power to help U.S., Palestinian and Israeli teens to start knowing one another.
    The students are exploring each other and the important issues.
     In a year, youth representatives will travel to Washington, DC, to share what they learn.
     The new generation will submit their plan to representatives of the U.S. State Department, Israeli Embassy, and PLO Delegation.
     The program is supported by the State Department and implemented by Relief-International - Schools Online and by the International Education and Resources Network (iEARN) .
     Interested Palestinian and Israeli teens can contact Nadiah at: .

Inside U.S. culture. . .

     Once-prejudiced from ignorance and separation, citizens are engaging and becoming closer.
     Sam Slaven is an Iraq War veteran from Indiana who came home from the War plagued by feelings of hate and anger toward Muslims.
     NPR producer Lisa Pollak tells the story of the unusual action Sam took to change himself, and the Muslim students who helped him do it.
    LISTEN how change happens in real life.

To HEAR, click on "Full Episode" of the 34 minute program.

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This American Life - 25 May 2007

Program 333: The Center for Lessons Learned

"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard."
                - Ms. Gene Knudsen-Hoffman

"A story is the shortest distance between people."
                - Pat Speight