Photos, films show how Palestinians, Jews "peace it together"

Friday, 24 October 2008


Healing In Akko

     Following recent violence between Jews and Arabs in Akko (Acre), northern Israel, in both communities was much one-sided blame of the "other."
     Many people stayed home hoping for "things" to change, waiting for "leaders."
     "Wanting" peace but not relationships.

     Distinctive was a handful of Arab and Jewish citizens with hard-won, personal experience in peace-building.
     These inventors of past Sulha and Sulhita - - endeavors had brought into relationship thousands of Jewish and Palestinian youth and adults in the Holy Land.
     In the midst of crisis, Sulha volunteers, with experience and confidence, set up a safe, open tent space in Akko on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 16-17, 2008.
     SEE their invitation in Arabic, Hebrew, and English.
     For two days, local Arab and Jewish adults and youth came face-to-face in listening circles for conversations that mattered.
     To support this reconciliation, local residents were joined by the Bereaved Families Forum whose relatives died from past violence, yet whose members have chosen to reject revenge in favor of meeting and healing together.
     SEE PHOTOS of Akko's tents that allowed everyone to be heard - the beginning of healing and a new future together.

Peace It Together

     Across the ocean in Canada earlier this summer, 2008, more citizen-leaders were preparing themselves to live life listening and cooperating together.
     At PEACE IT TOGETHER - - thirty Palestinian, Israeli, and Canadian teenagers gathered in and around Vancouver, British Columbia to participate in an extraordinary dialogue and film making experience.     
     Based on the successful 2006 program, the youths lived and learned together for three weeks.
     They discovered their personal strengths and created inspiring short films.
     They intend to make a difference back home in their communities.
     Their eight new films - educational tools -  will be available to you this October, 2008, hopefully to reach hundreds of thousands of people in public and school screenings throughout the world.
     VIEW online their compelling first movie::

INSPIRED (10:31 - Documentary - by Aya Abu-Hamdieh, Omar Chu, Mahmoud Jabari, and Ofek Ravid)

Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian participants discuss the inspiration they found in each other during the Peace it Together summer program. They reveal what they

learned from the experience and how they hope to make a difference when they go back to their own communities.

     READ more about PEACE IT TOGETHER modeling the human entry point to change that works in real life.

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