Lend for Peace:

Young Jews, Palestinians champion economics of peace across borders

Monday, 16 February 2009


     To transform the Middle East or any relationships, we have asked questions with little power:

How do we hold those people accountable?

How do we negotiate for something better?

What new policy or legislation will move our interests forward?


     Questions with great power are recommended in COMMUNITY: The structure of belonging, Peter Block's 2008 book:

How valuable do I plan for this effort to be?

What are the gifts I hold that have not been brought fully into the world?

What is my contribution to the very thing I complain about?

"Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it."

- Gandhi

"This is the Citizens' Century."

- Dr. Harold Saunders, former U.S. Ass't Secretary of State

                        Facilitator of five successful Arab-Israeli treaties     

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Lend for Peace

     What do these four U.S. young men have in common?


Sam Adelsberg - observant Jew  - ( SAdelsberg@gmail.com ) student of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Andrew Dudum - Christian Palestinian - ( AndrewDudum@yahoo.com ) student at the Wharton School in Finance and Real Estate

David Fraga - observant Cuban Jew - analyst at Insight Venture Partners, with a double major in Economics and Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Allam Taj - Muslim Palestinian - student at the Wharton School of Business and University Pennsylvania Law School


     They are four citizens - two Palestinians and two Jews - who co-created Lend for Peace - http://LendforPeace.org - to enable citizens of all faiths and backgrounds to make a tangible difference in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.
     The youths' mission is to facilitate micro-lending from individuals around the world to individual micro-entrepreneurs in the Middle East.
     Beginning in Palestine, they are helping to create economic and political stability in the region, for the good of all.

     Citizens worldwide can now use their site - http://LendforPeace.org - to make a loan directly to a vetted micro-entrepreneur in the West Bank. 
     They work with US government-approved microfinance institutions on the ground to deliver your capital along with training and guidance to low-income individuals who are interested in starting or expanding their own small businesses. 
     A loan is repaid over a set period of time as your micro-entrepreneur builds economic self-sufficiency and a stake in enduring peace.
     There is also the choice of gifting the amount to help perpetuate the project, to be continually re-distributed to future micro-entrepreneurs in need.
     VIEW more stories, photos, and videos:


LendforPeace.org Blog


Nonprofit aims to bring peace to Middle East

Microfinance group LendforPeace.org was launched last night

The Daily Pennsylvanian - Friday, 06 February 2009


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Relief International ~ Schools Online
Middle East
    Relief International ~ Schools Online Middle East - http://connect-middleeast.ning.com - is a new site to connect teachers and students across oceans to encourage spontaneous collaboration and creativity for new levels of communication between students and teachers in Palestine and the United States. 
     Palestinian and U.S. educators can select topics and activities of choice that intergrate with their lesson plans, to further education while building relationships.
     The theme "Education for Community Development / West Bank- Palestine" is newly supported by the U.S. Department of State to overcome long-held ignorance and close distances between citizens and classrooms.
     Educators or students CONTACT Ann Mussman ( Anna.Mussman@gmail.com ) in the U.S. or Palestinian Jawad AbuOwn ( Jawad@ri.org ) in the West Bank.

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Sending Goodwill Across a Border

     Most people around them retreated into clans and "sides."
     But for one month of intense living, near Jerusalem a remarkable group of Jews and Palestinians found one another and shared purpose.
     They gathered then sent household supplies and messages of healing across the Gaza border in response to increased violence.
     SEE a full, illustrated account of the Jerusalem team's day-by-day process of change from despair to creative social outcomes.


A Story of Diverse Citizens

Muslims and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians

Rising Together from Despair to Social Action

by Connecting, Communicating, Healing and Creating Acts of Goodwill




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"David & Fatima" crossing borders

     Another story that begins in Jerusalem and ends in Gaza is DAVID & FATIMA - http://davidandfatima.com .
     The esthetic 2-hour film is a Romeo and Juliet story of love overcoming rigid old thinking and passionate adherence to limited identities.
     In Jerusalem, a young Muslim Palestinian women and a Jewish Israeli man meet and overcome social taboos from antiquity, showing the triumph of love over fear between individuals even if larger communities and nations are not yet ready.
     "Realistic people never change the world.  Only the crazy people do," David concludes assures Fatima.
     The insightful film was produced by Karim Bian ( Malibutv@aol.com ), a Jewish immigrant from Iran, and directed by Alain Zaloum, an Egyptian Arab.
     The DVD is now available in 12 languages - English, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, Persian, Chinese, Turkish, German, Japanese, and Korean.
     ORDER it online at http://davidandfatima.com/trailers/reflections_eng.html .