New 2009 BOOK - Living Beyond War 

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


"Either war is finished or we are."

        in War and Remembrance (1978)

        Herman Wouk

"I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask,

'Mother, what was war?'" 

        Eve Merriam

                in Living Beyond War (2009)

                Winslow Myers

    OBSOLETE:  outmoded, no longer current, regarded as out-of-date whether in use or not, replaced by something better.

     It is time to replace war with something better.
     We know what life beyond war looks like
and how to live it.

     EXAMPLES of living beyond war

     At Just Vision offers in-depth portraits of 58 model citizens -- Palestinian and Israeli women and men living beyond war.
     At are over 500 messages containing several thousand human success stories of Jewish-Palestinian and some interfaith relationship building.  Any time, simply Google "Jewish Palestinian Success"
     The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) illustrates over 60 Holy Land sustained group endeavors that reject war and are transforming enemies into partners -- only part of what is truly happening below the headlines.
    March, 2009, was the Design Summit to launch the new U.S. National Peace Academy - - to compliment the Army, Navy, and Air Force academies and provide unprecedented national and global safety and cooperation.
     Summit participants realized that one need not "fight against war" but rather model what is "new."
Darkness is the absence of light.
     It is not to swing a stick at darkness, but to ignite light.
     When the "new" is brought to life, what is obsolete becomes irrelevant and atrophies.




     BEYOND WAR: A Citizen's Guide is a new April 2009 book for this moment to re-direct history.
     This long-awaited guidebook for ending war is on a rock-solid foundation of three unshakable principles to be grasped:
        1.  War is Obsolete
        2.  We Are One on This Planet
        3.  The Means Are the Ends in the Making

     Wisdom is drawn from prudent, responsible citizens over generations:

"War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong;

and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses."

        Thomas Jefferson, 1810

"Preventing nuclear war means preventing all war."

        Admiral Eugene Carroll, Jr., 1993

"You never change things

by fighting existing reality . . . To change something,

build a new model that makes the existing models obsolete."

        Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)

     READ MORE about this primer and its guidelines for the next step in our evolution, beginning now.


LIVING BEYOND WAR: A Citizen's Guide

by Winslow Myers

Foreword by Brian Swimme

Orbis Books -  Maryknoll, NY - April 2009 - 180 pages

        More information is at