Jewish-Palestinian sustained Dialogue growing internationally

Saturday, 06 June 2009


 "The only viable context for future survival seems to be . . .

the planet Earth and its integral functioning as a controlling referent.

Only such a referent to the Earth itself,

beyond all the various nations of the planet,

can evoke a sense of common future."

         Thomas Berry (1914-2009)


     Last Monday morning at sunrise, 01 June 2009, Thomas Berry - cultural historian,Earth scholar, ecotheologian - died peacefully at sunrise.
     Berry helped us understand we are one, echad, wahad.
     These three stories describe citizen-exemplars worldwide living, grieving, celebrating, planning as if all is one.
                - L&L

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Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue
on Arabic-language TV
to Middle East, North Africa 

      Al Hurra - - Arabic-language television broadcast to the Middle East and North Africa its visit to the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue in San Mateo, Calif.
     Al Youm cameras captured the Dialogue's 16th anniversary meeting as well as the group's public presentation in support of the Arava Institute for International Studies - - that brings together Palestinians, Jordanians, Israelis, and other young adults in the Holy Land to care for Earth while building relationships.
     To VIEW, go to .
     Click on "May 26, 2009 - Part 2 of 3"
     See the 8-minute report right after the 3-minute headline news.

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Shinnyo-en Buddhists
invite Palestinians, Israelis
to international meetings, ceremony
     Shinnyo-en - - in partnership with the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue - - hosted Israeli and Palestinian relationship builders as honored guest-participants in the annual Memorial Day Lantern Floating in Honolulu, Hawaii.
     Broadcast by satellite to Japan, 40,000 youth and adults - many from Asia - gathered around Ala Moana Bay to commemorate war's dead souls and others, and to re-dedicate themselves to build a world beyond war.


40,000 at lantern ceremony

Honolulu Advertiser - 26 May 2009


Loved ones honored in annual lantern ceremony

KHNL-TV8 - 25 May 2009 (with video)

Memorial Day: Lantern Floating Hawaii

KGMB-TV9 - 25 May 2009 (with full video coverage)

10th Annual Lantern Floating Festival in Hawaii

KHON-TV2 - 25 May 2009



     The Middle East participants contributed in brainstorming sessions about creative next-steps to accelerate the Palestinian-Israeli and global public peace process, congruent with the Shinnyo-en "Six Billion Paths to Peace" initiative.
     Immediately following, the four were highlighted in a large San Francisco public educational evening.



Stories of loss, vision, and hope

Wednesday, 27 May 2009 - San Francisco

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In Chile, South America
seeds of Arab-Jewish youth
engagement described in new book

     A new April, 2009,  Spanish-language book describes the 2-year, 2006-2008 experience of Jewish and Arab youth engaging in Santiago, Chile.
     DIJO - Diálogo Intercultural entre jóvenes de la comunidad árabe y judía en Chile is at .
     Their site has written descriptions, graphics, and photos that generously illustrate their experience and learnings together.
     The 303-page publication can also be downloaded from their Web site, or at:

Dialogo Intercultural

Comunidad Arabe y Judia en Chile

Lorenzo Agar Corbinoes & Abraham Magendzo Kolstrein

Santiago, Chile - 2009 - 303 pages

Download (8.2 MB) at